The medicine for prostatitis infection

Prostate is a part of the male reproductive system, with the shape and size of chestnuts, which is located in rectal and bladder, urethral encases the initial segment. What’s more, the prostate fluid is a component of semen. Prostatitis refers to the inflammation of the prostate gland, which is a fairly common disease, without any life threatening. Some patients may relieve it by themselves, so not all patients need to take medicine for prostatitis infection.

There are three kinds of prostatitis with clinical symptoms. Acute bacterial prostatitis: chronic bacterial prostatitis, and chronic abacterial prostatitis. Clinical performance of each kind of prostatitis also has some respective characteristics. Acute bacterial prostatitis: acute attack, accompanied with chills, fever, obvious symptoms of urination and other systemic symptoms. Chronic bacterial prostatitis: recurrent symptoms, and laboratory tests have shown that bacteria come from the prostate gland. Chronic abacterial prostatitis: most prostatitis belongs to this category, without evidence of bacterial infection.

Most males are very upset with prostatitis infection, and they expect an effective method to cure prostatitis infection. What’s the most effective medicine for prostatitis infection?

 Drug therapy is an important means and rational administration is the principle, especially antibiotics that are sensitive to bacteria. Adjuvant Therapy of Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine are also applied to prostatitis infection, like Nanke Pill, which can be considered as an adjuvant medicine.

There are more than ten kinds of antibiotics, but all of them have strong targeted bacteria. We will make an introduction according to the classification of prostatitis.

Type I:

Mainly broad-spectrum antibiotics with symptomatic treatment and supportive treatment. Intravenous antibiotics at the beginning, like Penbritin, three generation cephalosporins, aminoglycosides or fluoroquinolones; When the symptoms of fever and other symptoms are improved, transfer to oral administration( like Fluoroquinolone) with a course at least 4 weeks. Patients with mild symptoms should also take antibiotics for 2~4 weeks.

Type II:

Mainly with antibiotics,select sensitive drugs; if not effective, change to sensitive antibiotics. Antibiotics should be maintained for at least 4~6 weeks, during which patients should undergo a staged evaluation of the efficacy.

Type III:

Antibiotics can be taken orally for 2~4 weeks, and then based on their efficacy, the feedback determines whether to continue antibiotic treatment

Type IV:

No need for treatment

Other medicines: Plant preparations attract more and more attentions gradually. Common plant preparations include prostat, quercetin, sabal and so on.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs: chronic prostatitis patients with depression and anxiety, according to the condition, antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs can be used in the treatment of prostatitis at the same time.

Chinese medicine: according to Chinese Medicine Association or the association of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to take some Chinese medicine for prostatitis infection, like Nanke Pill.

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