Ways to stay away from Urethritis

To stay away from Urethritis, you have to start from daily life slowly , it is more reasonable to prevention than treatment t. So if one wants to prevent urethritis, you must start from the following points.

  1. Drink 2000 ml of water a day

Drink plenty of water is good for health, men should develop this habit, it not only help dilute the concentration of urine, but also “flush” the bladder, so that the body can remove the bacteria in the urethra outside the body. Male friends are advised to drink at least 2000 ml of water a day.

  1. Don’t forget to urinate after your roommate.

After intercourse with your partner, remember to drink plenty of water to increase urination. Because a larger amount of urination contaminated with bacteria  can be washed out, avoid bacteria staying in the urethra to the domineering.

  1. Tight underwear will breeds bacteria

If the man’s underwear is too tight and not ventilated, it will make private place temperature too high and increase the chance of bacteria breeding, so that the urinary system is more susceptible to bacterial attack. Suggest wear cotton ventilated underwear, let private place more comfortable, healthy.

  1. Personal hygiene should be done well

Male friends should pay attention to personal hygiene to prevent bacterial invasion and infection of germs. Take care not to use a public bath, bath tub, not to sit on the toilet without disinfection, not to share a towel with others.

If you do not want to get chronic urethritis, male friends should treat acute urethritis seriously, because acute urethritis will evolve into chronic urethritis if the treatment is not standard. If you unfortunately suffer from chronic urethritis,you  can be treated by Chinese medicine better, because the traditional Chinese medicine can be treated from the basic chronic urethritis.

Because Nanke Pill has a strong bactericidal and antibacterial effect, select Nanke Pill to treat urethritis can completely eliminate the pathogen, in addition to Nanke Pill has other characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, can effectively inhibit bacteria, once cured, can completely eliminate the lesion guarantee no recurrence. Then through Nanke Pill through diuretic effect, can promote urine excretion, restore urethral function normal.

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