The six “most afraid “to be known in the health care in summer

With the gradual rising temperature, the hot summer is coming. How to keep in good health during summer? Let’s learn the six “most afraid “in summer.

1、Intestines and stomach are most afraid of catching a cold.

It is believed that many friends will drink the cold drinks and cold water to take a summer holiday. Although you will feel cool after you drink the cold drinks or cold water when you are sweating profusely. Your intestines and stomach will raise their arms in surrender to the cold drinks or cold water. Intestines and stomach are very afraid of catching a cold. Intestines and stomach will be injured if you eat plenty of ice food or if you often eat some Sumono. Besides, the girls who like wearing the clothes without covering the navel will easily suffer the disease in the intestines and stomach in summer.

2、Drinking water is most afraid of being too quickly

The everyday water-drinking amounts become bigger because of too much sweat in summer. The experts often tell us that we should drink water slowly. But a lot of people always drink like a fish in summer. Drinking like a fish is not good for our health. Particularly, for the patients who suffer from coronary heart disease will feel chest distress and shortness of breath if they drink like a fish. Their lives will be threatened if the suffer from the severe chest distress and shortness of breath. We should follow the rule of drinking water in low intensity and high frequency in summer.

3、Cervical vertebra is most afraid of being swept by the wind

The air-condition is absolutely necessary in summer. It is especially necessary for the office worker. The office worker stays in the office for 8 hours with the air-condition blowing. At this time, these office workers will suffer from cervical vertebra diseases. The expert says that if the cervical vertebra is often swept by the wind from the air-condition, the office workers will easily suffer from the spasm in the cervical vertebra and have a ache in the back. The expert suggests that the persons who often enjoy the air-condition or the electric fan should put on a caplet on the shoulder in order to protect the cervical vertebra from wind attacking or cold attacking.

4、The eyes are most afraid of sunshine

Most people thought eyes are powerful. In fact, eyes are the most afraid of sunshine than the other organs. According to the experts, the eyes are quite weak under the sunshine. It is suggested that everyone should wear sunglasses or carry an umbrella under the sunshine. What’s more, it is suggested that everyone eat more carrots and Chinese yam which are good for the eyes. It is especially reminded that the person who likes swimming in summer must wear swimming goggles in order to avoid the attack from the bacteria in the swimming pools.

5、The morning exercise is most afraid of being too early

The sun rise early in summer. A lot of aged will go to do the morning exercise as early as possible. But many people do not know there is plenty of pollutant in the air of the summer morning. Besides, the plant cannot proceed Photosynthesis before the sunrise. If you go to climb the mountain or do the exercise in the park, you cannot breathe the fresh oxygen. Instead you will inhale a good deal of carbon dioxide. So it is suggested that the aged should go to do morning exercise after 6 o’clock in the morning.

6、Home is most afraid of dust

The speed of breeding bacteria is very fast because it is stuffy in summer. The indoor should be often cleaned completely to avoid the store of the dust. The expert remind us that the electric fans and air-conditions should be cleaned completely in order to avoid the bacteria from the cold wind. For the cold wind is bad for our health.

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