Can Infertility Be Remedied Only by Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Can infertility be remedied only by traditional Chinese medicine? Different persons have different answers. The common misunderstandings in curing the infertility are as follows: Firstly, the infertile patients are under the blind treatment by the traditional Chinese medicines. A lot of infertile patients do not take the physical examinations. So they are not clear the reasons of their infertility. The infertile patients keep taking the traditional Chinese medicines for one year or two years. The traditional Chinese medicine is sure effective to the infertility. However, the traditional Chinese medicines are not Jacks-of-all-trades. The infertile patients should at least take the relevant examinations to find out why they are infertile patients. They cannot just take the traditional Chinese medicine blindly. Secondly, the infertile patients blindly believe that the Chinese medicines are cure-all traditional. Different infertile patients have different reasons for the infertility. The infertility may be caused by ovulation failure、inflammation、immunity and so on. Infertility cannot be cured only by a kind of medicine. There is sure no Jacks-of-all-trades medicine. The infertility cannot be cured if the infertile patients blindly take the medicines without finding out the reasons of the infertility.

Thirdly, men and women should take the examinations at the same time. The examinations for men are easier than that of women because of the different physiology between men and women. For women, the pregnant conditions are the normal ovulation、 tubal patency and the chance of nidation by endometrium. But the examinations for women are subject to menstrual cycle. Therefore, women can take the examinations for fallopian tube after the Menstrual clean for 3 to 7 days. What’s more, the methods of taking medicines are different. So the treatment effect of the infertility is different. Besides some effects of the medicine cure are poor. such as the adhesion of the far-end of the fallopian tube、endometriosis and abnormal uterine morphology and so on. An elder woman wants to be pregnant. But she fell in a faint outside the operating room when she was under the treatment of the fallopian tube contrast surgery. She thought she might be in poor health. So she consulted a traditional Chinese doctor. The doctor suggested that she take the examination of her body and follow the methods of taking the medicine. Finally, the woman was cured by the traditional Chinese medicine under the guide of the traditional Chinese doctors.

The best way to remedy the infertility caused by endocrine dyscrasia is the traditional Chinese medicine. Endocrine dyscrasia is a kind of chronic disease. This disease should be slowly cured. Many western medicines are the temporary medical relief. So the patients of endocrine dyscrasia should consult the traditional Chinese doctor and nurse their health seriously. They should not hastily choose to be pregnant.

   All in all, the infertile patients should take the relevant physical examinations and then consult the traditional Chinese doctor to find out the best way to cure the infertility.

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