Prostatitis Treatment

Acute Prostatitis TreatmentProstate is One of the Smallest glands Present In Our Body Just below the Urinary Bladder , Size differs depending on the Age of the Person , The main function of the Prostate Gland is to Produce Semen which Helps the Sperm Movement during the Reproduction Process. The Inflammation or an Infection Of a Prostate is quite common among men , at least once in a Life time every men will suffer from either infection or inflammation of Prostate .

The Reason Behind the Prostatitis is Important to Treat a Patient with Prostatitis , Because there are large number of Reasons for the Causes Of Prostatitis .

Depending on the Diagnosed Reason the Type of Prostatitis is Identified From its 4 Different Types . So the Treatment is Provided Accordingly .

Treatment Options :

Prostatitis Treatment with Antibiotics: The Antibiotics such as Doxycycline are Given First By IV Which is then Followed by oral antibiotic medication for about a Month or More depending on the Condition of the Patient . The recurrence happens among most of the Patients who are taking antibiotics .So the Same Medication or other Medications are Prescribed to the patient . This treatment can only help temporary Relief According to 99% Patients. Doxycycline is Only provided to The patients with Bacterial Infection of Prostate . There are side Effects that doctors won’t tell you before you use the Medication.

Prostatitis Treatment with Alpha Blockers: The Prostatitis is Treated with Alpha Blockers when the Patient Suffers from Urinary Tract Problems mainly with Pain or Burning During Urination . The Prostatitis Treatment with Alpha Blockers could Help the Patients with Severe Urinary Tract Problems such as Pain and Burning During Urination which is a Temporary Relief from the Pain and Burning Sensation when the Patient Stops taking the Medication very soon the Pain and burning will be back again which is seen among 80-90% cases .There are severe Side effects from Long term Use of Alpha Blockers . You can Consult your Doctor Before the Usage of alpha blockers.

Prostatitis Treatment with Non-Steroidal & Anti-inflammatory Drugs: This Treatment may give you relief from the pain and discomfort as long as Patient Continues to take the drugs , once Patients becomes a dependent on the Drugs . And if the symptoms become Severe , the Drugs won’t be useful for the patients , while not all the Prostatitis can be treated with NSAID’s Which are just an other form of pain killers .Recurrence is Quite common among the patients who usually take NSAID’s .

Prostatitis Treatment for Sexual Enhancement : This treatment for the Patients Suffering from Sexual problems which are effected by prostatitis are usually prescribed by different forms of Sexual enhancement pills which can be either dangerous or gives long term effects or might lead to Erectile Dysfunction . Patients with High Blood pressure are not recommended to take this treatment. This Treatment can also be called as temporary Sexual enhancement Treatment for the Patients suffering from Prostatitis.

Prostatitis Treatment with Surgery: Many patients doesn’t show much interest towards the Surgical Treatments , which are provided in huge number of Hospitals . The infected part of the Prostate is Removed with the surgery different hospital does in a different ways . Patients are not recommended for the Surgical Methods which has a high risk of Causing secondary Surgical Infections. No happy patients are seen or successfully treated patients by the surgery , in some cases we have seen patients with Temporary relief , recurrence or secondary infection attacks were observed among the Patients treated by Prostatitis Surgical Treatment Methods.

Prostatitis Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Method for Prostatitis is one of fast gown Treatment methods now a days around the Globe , which is non-surgical . Herbal with out any side effects , The treatment with Nanke Pills usually takes 3-4 Months or more depending on the Disease condition of the Patients . This Prostatitis Treatment works According Traditional Chinese view of Treating Chronic Diseases with herbs , which has been doing since 3500 years . Among the cases in which we have seen large number of success rate can be found with the Nanke Pills treatment , Dr.Ming who has been treating the Prostatitis and also other related diseases has formulas which can treat prostatitis with the herbal medication Called Nanke Pills .No recurrence was found among the patients treated with the Dr.Ming’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills . So there is a Large growth among the patients consulting Dr.Ming at Her Hospital as well as Online through her Junior Doctors . Helping patients with prostatitis across the world .

Please contact Dr.Ming with your Reports and Detailed Disease Information so that it’s easy for the Doctor to diagnose the Disease correctly and Provide you with the Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills.

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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