Prostatitis Cure

Prostatitis Cure Depends on the Type of Prostatitis the Patient is suffering from , Before we Know about the Cure Understanding the Disease is More Important . The Prostatitis Is a Disease of a Small Gland (Prostate) In our body just under the Bladder which Produces a Liquid which helps the Sperm to Move and protect the Sperm from external environment .

The prostatitis can be called as the Infection or an inflammation Including the enlargement of the prostate glands.

Generally there are 4 Different Types of prostatitis which are common among the Patients these days , which are Acute Bacterial Prostatitis , Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis , Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis or CPPS Chronic pelvic pain syndrome , BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia .

In order to know the Cure for Prostatitis , it’s Necessary to Understand the Types of the Prostatitis that the patient is suffering from .
Most of the Symptoms of all different Types of Prostatitis are Similar .so its difficult to diagnose the Type of prostatitis Just looking at the Symptoms .

 Acute Bacterial Prostatitis : This is the condition where the Prostate gland is infected by a bacteria and this can be a sudden infection , this bacteria can be entered in to the Prostate glad either due to the Untreated Urinary tract infections caused by bacteria or may be due to any other bacterial Infections .

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitits : This is the condition where the Prostate gland is Infected by bacteria and been for a while in the prostate glands and symptoms shows recurring once in while for Several Months to Years .

Chronic Non-Bacterial Prostatitis (CPPS Chronic pelvic Pain Syndrome): This is the Condition where there is a Infection or inflammation in Prostate glands with out the interference of the Bacteria . Patients can not be easily diagnosed with any kind of bacteria in their urine test or semen test , while the patients still have severe symptoms of Prostatitis .

BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) : This is the Condition Commonly seen in patients between Age groups From 45-65 , where the prostate Glands has 2 Growth phases in which the first phase is 25 years and the second phase is another 25 years the first 25 yrs of growth of the prostate gland does not effect the patient but the second phase of 25 yrs of growth effects if the growth is more then the normal which then involves in the enlargement of the gland as the urethra (the small pipe which extends from the bladder to the penis) is surrounded by the Prostate gland the because of the enlargement of the Prostate the the Urethra is being squeezed which is causing problems emptying bladder and slow flow of urine and other symptoms .

As we have discussed about the Different types of Prostatitis , let know about how the treatment is done and what is the cure for the the Prostatitis .

Usually Most of the Medical Practitioners Prescribes antibiotics to their Patients who ever diagnosed with prostatitis mainly doxycycline Which has become common medicine for prostatitis , which could destroy the Current bacteria Present in our body , but can not actually Cure the Prostate infection or inflammation in prostate area . The antibiotic use may help the patients for a period of time while the patient develop The Resistance towards antibiotics .

So there is no cure for prostatitis with antibiotics , and Patients will suffer from recurring symptoms even they use antibiotics .
Other solution Medical Professional Uses to Treat prostatitis is The Surgery in which enlarged part of the prostate will be removed with surgical methods , which may later enlarge again or may have the secondary surgical infections .
So surgery is Not a cure For Prostatitis .

Pain relief medications Treating Prostatitis : Some patients suffering from prostatitis are being Prescribed by Pain killers which might help the patients from the temporary Relief from the pain , but Can not provide a Cure for Prostatitis .

Alternative medicine to Treat Prostatitis : There are huge number of Alternative medicine practices which are being used to treat or cure prostatitis among which The Traditional Chinese Medicine is the Major Treatment , The Reason For the Inflammation and Infection or the Enlargement of the Prostate gland is well known by the Chinese medicine Practitioner Dr.Ming According to Dr.Ming’s View on Through traditional Chinese medicine The prostatitis is cause due to the increase in the Damp Heat in our body which causes imbalances of Positive and Negative Energies the Imbalance of these Energies Causes The Prostate gland inflammation , and due to the heat the Infections are not being Cured which may or may not infected by bacteria ,

The Reason behind the BPH is due to The Heat which is giving perfect condition for the human body to help the Rapid enlargement of Prostate gland . So according to Dr.Ming the Damp Heat can be easily Reduced which then Balances the Positive and negative energies in our body thus causing the Shrinking of the prostate glad and clearing the inflammation as well as Killing the Bacterial Infections which then gives permanent relief to the patients suffering from prostatitis .The Whole Treatment of prostatitis with Traditional Chinese medicine is Done Only with the help of Oral Herbal Medication called Nanke Pills This Can be a Alternative Cure for patients suffering from prostatitis.

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