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 What is prostatitis?
Prostatitis is one of the common diseases of adult males, especially men under the age of 50, statistics show that about 50% of adult men in a certain period of life will be affected by prostatitis. Prostatitis is a group of diseases whose concept and classification is an inseparable unity. According to the presence or absence of pathogens, duration of disease, symptoms, divided into acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome, asymptomatic prostatitis and other four types. Which chronic prostatitis / chronic pelvic pain syndrome is the most common type, accounting for more than 90% of prostatitis.

  Prostatitis treatment:

(1) general treatment: confidence, eliminate ideological concerns, abstinence, abstinence but not mandatory Taboo wine and spicy food, hot water bath 1 night, local therapy, to change lives significantly. predisposing factors such as avoiding prolonged cycling, etc. (2) prostate massage: regular massage the prostate, prostatitis may promote secretion of a row, once a week, and also for routine examination of prostatic fluid, to evaluate the therapeutic . (3) effects perfusion: transurethral insert a special balloon catheter, sterile saline is injected into the prostatic urethra and the suction unit several times, net absorption purulent discharge, refilling antibiotics, once weekly (4). urethral: of urethral stricture or enlarged unobstructed to facilitate excretion of urine periodically, and when the bougie through the urethra, the prostate can be elongated opening, facilitate drainage glands surrounding the closure (5), prostate (6) antimicrobial agents.: The general antimicrobial drugs are not easy to enter the prostate tissue, which is one of the reasons for the more difficult clinical treatment can be 2 to 3 kinds of joint application, or according to prostatic fluid bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test results selective application. (7) Permit differentiation.
  Prostatitis for many reasons, mainly the decline in collective immunity and pathogen invasion. Your situation is prostatitis, I suggest you go to the hospital to check, after the diagnosis of active treatment, prostatitis is very difficult to completely cure, I hope you have the heart to prepare, and active treatment. Prostatitis treatment is best to use the combination of Chinese and Western treatment, first with antibiotics for 7-14 days, and then consolidate the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis treatment to the system according to treatment, in order to completely cure. During the treatment of plenty of water, do not sit for a long time riding, do not eat spicy food, do not smoke and drink, regular sex life.
  In the treatment of prostatitis in the disease above there are many ways, mainly to see the patient’s condition and physical to choose a different treatment. We must understand that prostatitis will bring some harm, so as to pay attention to the disease. Understand the treatment of prostatitis treatment in fact, for patients is also good.Chinese medicine Nanke pill is Chinese medicine physician Doctor Ming through three decades of clinical experience, summed up the compatibility of a treatment of male genitourinary system diseases (female urinary system diseases can also be taken) of traditional Chinese medicine prescription

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