Prostatitis syndrome

Prostatitis syndrome is a clinical syndrome, manifested as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urination, dysuria and other symptoms of urinary abnormalities, perineal, lower abdomen, scrotum, lumbosacral and other parts of the discomfort or pain, with the A unique form of syndrome.
  Clinical features are listed following three types.The first type is a type of sudden fever, chills, lumbosacral and perineal pain, while the body discomfort, weakness, joint pain and muscle pain, accompanied by significant urinary frequency, urgency, urination burning and difficulty urinating. Rectal refers to the diagnosis of prostate fever, swelling, tenderness significantly, part or the whole gland hardened. Palpation contraindications strongly press the prostate, should not be EPS inspection, urine routine examination and training can be achieved to obtain the purpose of the disease.The second and third type are came from the clinical manifestations difficult to distinguish, because of its similar clinical features, are manifested as lumbosacral, perineum and other parts of the pain, accompanied by urinary irritation or obstruction symptoms, sexual dysfunction and psychological tension, anxiety The Which perineum, lower abdomen, testis, and ejaculation pain is the most typical characteristics of chronic prostatitis. Patients often describe these pains for difficult to express soreness pain.
  Symptoms of harm are concluded below.According to the reseach and suryes made by doctors.
1, It will affect the quality of life, prostatitis easily lead to prostate neurosis, similar to neurasthenia, affect sexual life, have a certain impact on fertility.
2, affecting the semen liquefaction ability, inflammation affect the function of the prostate, such as the secretion of liquefied semen protein deficiency, leading to liquefaction barriers.
3, interferes with fertilization capacity, suffering from prostatitis, prostatic fluid in the white blood cells interfere with sperm fertilization capacity.
4, leading to ejaculatory duct obstruction, prostate disease lead to ejaculatory duct clogging, or retrograde ejaculation, resulting in infertility and other sexual dysfunction, resulting in male infertility.
  Some advices are given to the people who have suffered from prostatitis syndrome.For chronic prostatitis, especially for a long time, they should be concerned about their harmful habits and to overcome, for example, alcoholism, indulgence, prolonged cycling or sedentary, healthy living habits and lifestyles are beneficial to disease and promote disease Rehabilitation.Recommended diet, eat high content of melanin foods, such as black beans, black rice, black sesame seeds, walnuts, black fungus and so on. Animal meat, eggs, bone marrow, black sesame seeds, cherries, mulberry, yam also have varying degrees of kidney function. In daily life to drink tea in addition to prevention and improvement of urinary tract inflammation. Like Eucommia, Cordyceps, medlar, insects have anti-inflammatory, Qingli hot and humid, kidney and Qi, qi and nourishing the role.
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