prostatitis signs and symptoms

Symptoms of prostatitis vary, the acute phase of the disease more acute, chronic symptoms and diverse, mainly: dysuria, sexual dysfunction, local pain and physical abnormalities and other symptoms. Urinary disorder: mainly manifested as frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, urinary incontinence or dysuria, sometimes in the urinary tract, but also accompanied by urethral drops white phenomenon. Some patients only showed abdominal distension, and some patients showed testicular discomfort or pain. Recommended regular hospital examination and treatment, do not blindly medication, to maintain a cheerful and optimistic attitude of life, should be alcohol, avoid spicy food; avoid holding back urine, sedentary and long ride, riding, pay attention to warm, strengthen physical exercise.

Prostatitis of the etiology of complex, especially chronic prostatitis symptoms are different, the cause of obscure, difficult to diagnose; and the drug is difficult to reach the lesion, easily lead to prostate disease long treatment, recurrent, the use of traditional Chinese medicine combined with physical therapy and physical therapy Method, can achieve satisfactory clinical results. That is based on the test results and the nature of prostatitis, select sensitive drugs, adequate, according to the medication for treatment, at the same time, selective with: microwave, short wave, diversion, multi-functional, Perfusion, and other physical means. Proposed in a timely manner to the professional male hospital prostate specialist treatment,

Prostatitis patients chill and fever, elevated body temperature, genital pain, ejaculation pain during sexual life. In the treatment of prostatitis, the current is mainly used in two ways: a drug treatment, the current market there are many drugs for the treatment of prostatitis, such as the former Li Shu capsule. But because of the particularity of the prostate, the drug is difficult to penetrate into the prostate site, leading to drug treatment of prostatitis is not very good, with a long time, long curative effect, difficult to cure and other shortcomings, usually in the treatment of prostatitis drug treatment with physical therapy. Two physical therapy 1. prostate massage prostate massage is one of the traditional treatment methods, studies have shown that appropriate prostate massage can promote prostatic gland drainage and increase the local drug concentration, thereby alleviating the symptoms of chronic prostatitis patients, it is recommended for the Ⅲ Type of prostatitis adjuvant therapy. Type Ⅰ prostatitis patients disabled.

Prostatitis: prostate massage and hyperthermia: prostate massage is one of the traditional treatment methods, studies have shown that appropriate prostate massage can promote prostatic duct emptying, increase the local drug concentration, thereby alleviating the clinical symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Hyperthermia mainly use a variety of physical means of the thermal effects, increase the prostate tissue blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, is conducive to the effect and eliminate tissue edema, relieve pelvic floor muscle spasms.

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