Prostatitis relief from symptoms

Prostatitis can cause patients with posterior urethra, perineum and anal discomfort, weight or fullness, and frequent urination, urethral burning, morning there will be urethral mucus, sticky silk and pus secretion, urine turbidity or After the stool white. Severe hematuria and urinary difficulties may occur. Give the patient a great deal of pain, and seriously affect life. To this end, we have to introduce you to several ways to alleviate the pain of prostatitis for you to choose.

  Prostate massage is one of the traditional treatment of chronic prostatitis, the method is to wear rubber gloves, coated with paraffin oil, the index finger from the perianal into the rectum, touch the prostate, with a certain way to do press. Appropriate prostate massage can improve local blood circulation, relieve symptoms, is a type III prostatitis adjuvant therapy. Warm water bath is also the folk to alleviate the prostate is not commonly used method, it can alleviate the symptoms in the short term. But unmarried and not fertile people do not recommend the use of this method, if you need to control the water temperature and duration. This is because the testis is the organ that produces sperm, and the high temperature environment is the natural enemies of sperm. And high temperature environment for sperm damage is irreversible, once the damage is difficult to recover. Patients in the daily life can exercise more, especially in the morning, should be more to breathe fresh air is conducive to maintaining good health.

  Therefore, for unmarried male prostatitis patients, as well as married men due to short-term separation of couples, travel, divorce, widowed and other reasons can not live in normal couples living in patients, appropriate masturbation is good. Here we will moderate masturbation as a moderately regular husband and wife sex life. The same reason, frequent masturbation, such as frequent husband and wife sex life, will make the prostate long-term congestion and congestion, the normal secretion of the prostate, excretion function will be seriously affected, may become the cause of prostatitis.

  Under normal circumstances, the appropriate masturbation for the male body is good, not only can ease the anxiety of anxiety and can also effectively improve the quality of sperm. According to the medical report, appropriate masturbation can alleviate the symptoms of prostatitis. If you are suffering from prostatitis friends, may wish to try this method.

  Drinking water prostatitis patients should be a lot of water, drink 2 to 3 liters of mineral water a day, increase the urine, help to discharge waste. Moderate exercise the best way to exercise is to walk, not riding a bike, because the seat will oppress the prostate, aggravated pain. These methods, of course, can alleviate the pain of prostatitis, but the most important thing is the need for prostate cancer patients adhere to, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect.

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