Prostatitis Pain

Prostatitis Pain :

  • Pain During Urination

  • Pain During Ejaculation

  • Pain in the Lower Back

  • Pain Testicles

Above mentioned Prostattis Pain May present In the Patients Suffering From Prostatitis .

Below is the Detailed Info On the Prostatitis Pain .

Prostatitis is an infection or an inflammation or an enlargement of the Prostate Gland , which can be bacterial or Non Bacterial .

Due to Infection or an Inflammation there is an enlargement or tenderness can be seen in the Prostate Gland . Prostate gland is Present just under the Bladder Around the Urethra , Due to the Enlargement of the Prostate or due to inflammation tenderness the Prostate gland pinches or Squeezes The Urethra which is the Reason why low stream of urine can be found in the Patients suffering from Prostatitis .

Due to the Pressure from the Bladder to Push out the Urine through the Urethra while the Urethra is Struck Due to the Prostate Gland Pinching or Squeezing , The Urine flow may cause pain in the urethra , The Long term Blocking or Squeezing may cause damage in the Urethra which is the Reason why there is Burning during the Urination . Due to Epididymis is also connecting the Urethra the sperm while passing through urethra also cases the same pain during the ejaculation , So the Blood also might appear in the urine or the sperm due to the Damage caused in the Urethra .

Due to the Difficulties in Emptying the bladder , The bladder always is Filled with Urine which makes bladder heavy through out the day and night which due to the pressure causes the Lower Back Pain .

Pain Management Options for Prostatitis Pain :

There different pain management Options for the Prostatitis Pain some of them are .

Antibiotics as a Pain Management Option for Prostatitis Pain:

Antibiotics Such As doxycycline azithromycin are Prescribed to the patients which can fight against the Bacterial Infections thus preventing the Squeezing of Urethra because The Patient may have no pain during the Usage of antibiotics .

Patients pain recurs Once the Patients Stops using Antibiotics.

Patients pain recurs Once the Patients Develops the Resistance towards antibiotics .

Long term Antibiotics Usage can Cause Severe Health Complications which include Severe Kidney and Liver Damage .

Alpha-Blockers as a Pain Management Option for Prostatitis Pain :

Alpha-Blockers are Muscle or Tissue Softeners Which Softens the Tissues in the Prostate gland thus making the using Flow perfectly with out any Obstruction , This is why the Pain can be managed with the Help of Alpha blockers .

Alpha-Blockers doesn’t Only Softens The Tissues of the Prostate Gland it also Relaxes other Tissues or muscles in our body this medication is also prescribed to the patients suffering from heart problems , long term use of Alpha blockers can cause severe health problems .

Patients once stopped taking the Alpha-Blockers the Tissue or the Muscle will go back to its original State causing Symptoms & Pain Recurrence .

NSAID’s Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs as a Pain Management option for Prostatitis Pain :

NSAID’s are also known as Pain killers which are used to manage the pain in the any chronic Diseases including prostatitis .

Patients may feel temporary Relief from the Pain while on the medication , Once they stop taking medication the Pain recurs while patients are not allowed for a Long term usage of pain killers .Which may cause Serious Health Problems .

Surgery as a Pain Management Option for Prostatitis Pain :

Surgery as a Pain Management option for Prostatitis Pain can be called as simple prostatectomy in which a small tissue from the Prostate gland is removed in order to provide the clean flow of the Urine through the Urethra .

The Surgery pain management can be lasted for longer then that of taking other medications , But due to its high Cost & Dreadful Side effects Such as Stroke , Severe Pain , Erectile Dysfunction , Sudden Death . Making Patients not to prefer such a Dangerous Pain management Option for Prostatitis Pain .

The Surgery can Not be an exact Cure because the Removed tissue may Grow again which can enlarge the Prostate again following with the Previous Symptoms .

Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Complete Treatment for Prostatitis Including Recurring Pain

Traditional Chinese Medicine By Dr.Ming Nanke Pills Are Used as a Complete Treatment for Prostatitis , In Which Oral Herbal Medication is Provided to the Patients along with the Diet that should be followed according to the Doctors Suggestion . This Nanke Pills Are the Herbal Medication which is A formula from 3500 Years of Traditional Chinese Medicine History .

Which has the ability to Fight Against the Bacterial Infections caused to Prostate gland , Increase the immunity in the Body , Increase the Disease Resistance Power , Increases the Blood Circulation in the Prostate Gland , Shrinks the Prostate Gland , Flushes out the Toxins present in the Prostate Gland .and eliminated the Damp Heat which is the Main Cause of Prostatitis According to Traditional Chinese Medicine . The Treatment with the Nanke Pills Is only provided to the patients After consulting the Dr.Ming with the Detailed disease info and Recent Test Reports .

Please Contact Dr.Ming with your Detailed Disease History Including Symptoms previous treatments etc & Recent Test Reports if Available for the Best Complete treatment for Prostatitis .

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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