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The emergence of prostatitis to patients with a great harm to life has also brought a great impact. What is the best medicine for prostatitis? Clinical treatment of prostatitis mainly antibiotic treatment, is characterized by quick, can quickly relieve symptoms, so high doses of antibiotics by doctors and patients recognized, but the use of antibiotics, but for patients implanted as prostatitis susceptible population The “bane”. So what is the best medicine for prostatitis?The use of antibiotics, easily lead to bacterial variability resistance, making the pathogen more and more powerful, once the susceptible population again infected, it will become a deadly bacteria, not only endanger their own lives, but also threaten To the safety of others.

  The use of antibiotic treatment has its shortcomings and hazards, harm one: antibiotics used too much abuse, will kill a large number of normal bacteria in the body, so that pathogens take advantage of serious can cause human death. For example, the human intestinal bacteria, according to a certain proportion of combinations, the bacteria between each other, interdependence, in the quality and quantity to form an ecological balance, long-term use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, sensitive intestinal bacteria were inhibited, unblocked bacteria Take the opportunity to reproduce, causing flora, can cause some lack of vitamins, so that the body resistance decreased. This is the majority of patients with prostatitis will be repeated within a year, and the feeling of medicine is not so the most important reason.

 Prostatitis using antibiotics must pay attention to the following two points, one can not be used arbitrarily, need to be targeted use. Second, can not only use antibiotics, because the limitations of antibiotics itself, and need to have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, improve immunity with the use of Nanke Pill .The role of antibiotics is sterilization, but the bacteria is killed while killing high-speed, then with the inhibition of bacterial growth in the role of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, according to the characteristics of bacterial breeding, can effectively inhibit bacterial reproduction, can be more effective, reduce the use of antibiotics The prostatitis treatment should use a bacteriostatic effect of prostatitis in the drug Nanke Pill.

At the same time, with the use of antibiotics in the proprietary Chinese medicine must be able to quickly effect, otherwise the efficacy of the bacteria can not keep up the speed of reproduction, the number of bacteria will increase, so that the disease reversed.

  What is the best treatment of prostatitis? Repeated prostatitis is mainly due to the use of antibiotics caused by decreased immunity of the urinary system, weak constitution and immune function are vulnerable to a variety of pathogen invasion, often more susceptible to prostatitis, such a person every time the treatment is further Reduce the body immunity, such patients do not pay attention to improve physical and immune function, the prostatitis is often delayed healing, easy to subclinical or repeated prostatitis or even cancer, increased prostatitis in patients with mental stress, induced other critical illness. Therefore, in order to patient’s long-term health considerations, the best treatment of prostatitis can effectively improve the body’s immunity,

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