Prostatitis and lower back pain

Why prostatitis will cause back pain? Doctor Ming experts pointed out that the reason is because when the male friends ejaculation, the prostate contraction will appear back pain or pain, thus affecting the hardness of the penis, a direct impact on sexual life , So prostatitis must pay attention to treatment.

Back pain in the sex life which is more common, the symptoms can also cause severe male sexual desire diminished, and even fear of sexual intercourse, asexual satisfaction. A long time there will be a cold. This will affect the couple’s normal i life and feelings. In addition, prostatitis is not timely treatment will be pain pain spread to other parts of the body, which is also a common phenomenon of the waist.

Prostatitis is caused by back pain, the discomfort is caused by the patient will work in life is very unhappy, male patients will often feel irritable, anxious, so to timely treatment of prostatitis, and prostatitis The pain is not only back pain, as well as patients with abdominal pain, thigh pain, anal pain, these are only physical pain, the most important thing is to affect sexual function.

Five clinical manifestations of prostatitis:

  1. Urinary changes, the beginning of the urination discomfort, urination is not a sense, or burning sensation, urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria and itching and so on. Patients in the early morning found outside the urethra with secretions of adhesion, urine after the leaching of all hands and lanterns.

  2. Urine abnormalities, the majority of urine deepened; there may be turbid, white urine, but also a hematuria. Patients often have prostatic effusion, mostly in the urinary terminal or stool force, the urethra out of white secretions.

Pain, often pain and pain, to the penis head and perineum radiation can cause lumbosacral, hip, perineum, pubic region and abdominal pain, and sometimes radiation to the testes, groin.

  1. Sexual dysfunction, manifested as loss of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, dream, infertility and so on.

  2. Neurasthenia, manifested as multiple dreams, anxiety, uncertainty and so on. Even affecting learning and work, is very annoying.

  3. Because the prostate has a layer of lipid capsule, the formation of blood – prostate barrier, the general drug is difficult to penetrate directly, so the general effect of treatment is generally not ideal.

Prostatitis caused by pain, but also a drug to the treatment, you can take the drug is antibiotics, prostatitis can cause pain relief, so that patients will be a little urine urine, but that is not a long time to take, can only take two Week, after two weeks after the need to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment, and traditional Chinese medicine without antibiotics so much side effects, you can take a few months, from the inside out of the conditioning. Nanke Pill is a rare patent recipe for the treatment of male reproductive system diseases. Chinese medicine Nanke pill is Chinese medicine physician Doctor Ming through three decades of clinical experience, summed up the compatibility of a treatment of male genitourinary system diseases (female urinary system diseases can also be taken) of traditional Chinese medicine prescription, the effect is significant, and apply for a national patent.

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