How to cure prostatitis

Prostatitis This male common disease and frequently-occurring disease, because of the current causes of its understanding is not very clear, coupled with its more specific anatomical structure and occurred in the frequent sexual activity of the crowd and many other reasons, making It’s not easy to treat it. Life can often see patients with prostatitis repeated treatment, cannot cure the situation. In fact, with the continuous development of medicine, many methods in the treatment of prostatitis have achieved significant therapeutic effect, as long as the patient to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, with the doctor in close cooperation, is to cure prostatitis, start a new life.

How to cure prostatitis? Following are three easy ways in normal life.

The first is General treatment:

1, the law of life, living often, adhere to appropriate physical exercise, can improve blood circulation, promote the secretion of prostatic fluid increased, the bacterial toxins dilute, but also help drugs to absorb and enhance resistance.

2, control masturbation, regular sex can reduce the purpose of reducing congestion and edema of the prostate, is conducive to the health of the prostate. Keep the external genitalia, the perineum clean to prevent infection.

The second is medical treatment:

  1. Antibacterial treatment: prostatic fluid culture found pathogenic pathogens are the basis for selection of antimicrobial therapy, preferred quinolones such as ofloxacin or levofloxacin.

  2. Symptomatic treatment: anti-inflammatory analgesic.

  3. Physical therapy: prostate massage, hot water bath, microwave and so on.

  4. Receptor antagonist: suitable for manifestations of activities with bladder dysfunction, such as urgency, frequent urination, nocturia increased, but no urinary tract obstruction in patients.

  5. Receptor antagonist: can effectively improve the symptoms of prostate pain and urination, help to prevent the urine of the prostate reflux.

The third is Diet conditioning:

Eat high protein foods. Eat more iron, selenium, zinc and other minerals. Appropriate amount of vitamin A, C, E. Usually more water, more urination, often through the urine rinse the urethra to help discharge prostate secretion to prevent infection.

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