I have prostatitis

I am a high school student and never have sexual contact. Last winter I began to find that there are often white secretions stuck in the underwear, urine before or after the large constipation knot, urethral mouth will also unconsciously overflow. I am afraid to say it to others. Because I am a student on campus, my family does not know. Later, I feel more and more wrong, every time after urinating, as if there is always the feeling of urination.

Spring Festival Holiday, I hesitated repeatedly and then told my family. The parents were very anxious and immediately take me to the hospital to check. In the doctor’s repeated questioning, I had to in front of the parents face and admitted I have masturbation behavior, and very infatuated and also like to look at the yellow pictures, always fantasize that there is wonderful sexual intercourse. As people sMingp in the quilt at night, my “penis” is always stiff. The doctor asked me to do a prostate fluid examination, and found that I suffer from chronic prostatitis. The doctor said that the disease could affect fertility and frightened my parents. I am only 17 years old, still not married, if cannot procreate, how can I find a wife in the future ?

After tried a lot of therapies, all have no curative effect, some therapies have short-term effective, but easy to relapse. Later according to the introduction of friends, I chose the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine Nanke Pill, after a long period of taking and conditioning, my condition gradually improved, now the symptom is almost disappear, so I recommend patients friends can try to use traditional Chinese medicine treatment method to treat

Explanation: Research has shown that chronic prostatitis often occurs in men with frequent sexual activity, because during ejaculation the prostate gland will secrete a large amount of prostate fluid, irregular and frequent sexual behavior will make the prostate fluid excretion is inadequate, and the retention of prostate fluid is easy to breed bacteria. In the prostate secretion exuberant time will make the prostate hyperemia, various information developed will aggravates the development of chronic prostatitis more young people are  more easily exposed to a variety of bad information, coupled with their self-control is relatively poor, masturbation frequency is high, so chronic prostatitis trend to happened among unmarried youth development .

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