How to cure chronic prostatitis?

Principles of treatment

1.1 Chronic bacterial prostatitis(CBP):

The treatment is mainly based on oral antibiotics, and the sensitive drugs are taken for 4~6 weeks. In the meanwhile, patients should undergo a periodical curative effect evaluation. If the effect is not satisfying, other sensitive antibiotics can be used. Alpha blockers can be used to improve voiding symptoms and pain. Plant preparations, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDS), and M- receptor blockers can also improve symptoms.  


1.2 Chronic abacterial prostatitis(CAP):

Antibiotics can be taken orally for 2~4 weeks, and then according to their efficacy, feedback is made on whether to continue antibiotic treatment. It is recommended that alpha blockers should be used to improve voiding symptoms and pain. Plant preparations, non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs(NSAIDS), and M-receptor blockers are good choices, too.

How to cure chronic prostatitis

The therapeutic goal of chronic prostatitis are to relieve pain, improve the symptoms of urination and improve the quality of life. The curative effect evaluation should be mainly based on the improvement of the symptoms.

2.1 General treatment

Health education, psychological and behavioral guidance may have a positive effect. Patients should dry out and avoid eating spicy food. They also need to avoid sedentary and take care to keep warm and to strengthen physical exercises.

2.2 Drug treatment

The most commonly used drugs are antibiotics, α-receptor blockers, plant preparations, and NSAIDS. Other drugs also have varying degrees of efficacy in relieving symptoms. Nanke pill is also helpful.

Other treatments

3.1 Prostate massage

Prostate massage is one of the traditional methods of treatment. Studies have shown that proper prostate massage can promote prostate gland emptying and increase local drug concentrations, and then alleviate the symptoms of chronic prostatitis patients.

3.2 Biofeedback therapy

Studies have shown that chronic prostatitis patients have pelvic floor muscle disturbances or tension of the external urethral sphincter. Biofeedback combined with electrical stimulation can relax pelvic floor muscles and harmonize them, and relax the external sphincter, thus relieve the perineum discomfort and the micturition symptoms of chronic prostatitis patients.

3.3 Hyperthermia

It mainly depends on the thermal effects produced by many physical methods to increase the blood circulation of prostate tissue and to accelerate metabolism. It is good for diminishing inflammation and relieving tissue edema and relieving muscle spasm in pelvic floor. In short term, it has some effect on relieving symptoms, but the long-term effect is not clear.

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