How much do you know chronic prostatitis?

Based on the symptoms and causes, there are different types of prostatitis. It is acute or chronic, bacterial or non-bacterial. Among them, chronic bacterial is the most common to see and affects more than 90% of men with prostatitis. It is formally called chronic non-bacterial prostatitis in which no bacterial is found. Since the incident rate is very high in men, for men, especially middle-aged men, it is very important to know something about chronic prostatitis like symptoms and treatments of chronic prostatitis.

Chronic prostatitis is the most common type of prostatitis. Many symptoms of chronic prostatitis are the same as other types like acute or bacterial prostatitis. It is characterized by pelvic or pain in other body parts like penis, scrotum, lower abdomen and lower back, which lasts longer than three months. Other symptoms include dysuria, painful urination or ejaculation, frequent urination, weak urine stream, unexplained fatigue and sexual dysfunction.

To relieve these symptoms of chronic prostatitis, there are some treatment options. Many medications can be used to treat chronic prostatitis. One common option is antibiotics. An antibiotic such as quinolones and macrolides is not working all the time. Only some patients with hidden infection have found benefits in reducing symptoms. Other drugs including alpha blockers like tamsulosin and alfuzosin and an estrogen reabsorption inhibitor such as mepartricin is also helpful to alleviate symptoms like pain to improve the patient’s life quality. Other drugs like pentosan polysulfate can help decrease a certain kind of symptom. For example, pentosan polysulfate is commonly used to improve the condition of painful bladder related to chronic prostatitis. Besides western medicines, the traditional Chinese herbal medicine such as Nanke Pill is also beneficial to chronic prostatitis. It can help solve urinary problems like frequent and urgent urination. Psychological therapy such as paradoxical relaxation is proved to be effective in relieving pelvic pain. A few studies have shown benefits of physical therapy such as myofascial physical therapy and yoga-type exercises. Biofeedback has also been adopted to help relax the pelvic floor muscles. A few of procedures including transurethral microwave thermotherapy, transurethral needle ablation, transurethral prostate resection and acupuncture also have certain effects in improving symptoms of chronic prostatitis.

After knowing the basics of symptoms and treatments of chronic prostatitis, men who are suffering from chronic prostatitis can choose a proper treatment option. Except medication, certain exercises and healthy dietary habit are also good to improve men’s prostate health.

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