Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Non-bacterial Prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis is common in adult men. It bothers men’s life because of long time pain and various urinary symptoms. Three are mainly three types of chronic prostatitis including chronic bacterial prostatitis, in which swelling and inflammation of the prostate is caused by a bacterial infection, chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, which is also known as the inflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome and prostadynia, in which symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis exist but no infection or inflammation of prostate is found. Among them, the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis is the most common in the diagnosis of prostatitis. To better understand this type of prostatitis, we need to know what the causes and symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis are.

The exact causes of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis are not well understood yet. But there are some possible causes like problems with pelvic floor muscles, pelvic tension, disordered immune response, physical injury problem, a past bacterial prostatitis infection, irritation from chemicals, the lower urinary tract nerve problem, parasites, sexual abuse and viruses. Besides, anxiety, depress, stresses and other emotional factors may contribute to the problem.

Usually, chronic nonbacterial prostatitis is an ongoing condition. Symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis start gradually and last for more than three months. It is characterized by long time pain, discomfort and urinary problems. Pain can be present in some body parts like penis, lower abdomen, lower back, urethra and scrotum. You may also have painful urination or ejaculation. Other symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis may include difficult, frequent or urgent urination, blood in the urine or semen burning with urination and sexual dysfunction.

Men, especially middle-aged men need to pay attention to the above-mentioned symptoms of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. Early treatment can cure or greatly improve chronic nonbacterial prostatitis. A prostate examination and several tests such as urine test, semen tests and prostate fluid studies can help the doctor to make a diagnosis. Several types of medicines such as antibiotics and alpha-adrenergic blockers can be used to treat the condition. Other treatments which help relieve the symptoms of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis include surgery, warm baths, prostate massage, relaxation exercises, and acupuncture and dietary changes.

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