Best medicine for prostatitits

Prostate disease has always been troubled by the majority of males and it not only affects the lives of male friends and work, but also causes great harm to the health of male friends. Different types of prostatitis have different treatments. For example, adolescent prostate disease is generally self-healing, but middle-aged prostatitis disease is the need for treatment. Then, how to treat prostatitis?

Prostatitis has high rate of recurring, which is mainly due to unreasonable treatment. Therefore, don’t misuse drugs so as to avoid side effects during treatment. There are mainly three options to treat prostatitis: antibiotic treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and western medicine treatment.

Antibiotic is a common method, but overuse antibiotics cannot penetrate the prostate tissue, reach the gland concentration is low, fail to achieve sterilization concentration, and side effects, easy to produce drug resistance; long-term side effects Big. Blind medication improper, but also increase the severity of chronic prostatitis.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment: Chinese medicine is a compound preparation, it contains many ingredients and it is effective in elimination of inflammation with zero side effects.

Western medicine treatment: long-term use of Western medicine treatment, although it can alleviate some of the symptoms, but with bacteria, pathogens, microbial resistance to the production, simply can not control the disease, it is difficult to completely cure.

At present, there are many drugs for the treatment of prostatitis, but attention should be taken under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, the treatment of prostatitis drugs sometimes the effect is not good, many places are not through the drug treatment of prostatitis, not only the effect is limited, and may cause side effects.Male experts pointed out that men with prostatitis medication must be based on their own circumstances, if the choice of improper drugs, not only can not achieve the therapeutic effect, but also may increase the risk of prostatitis.As the antibiotic systemic medication in the prostate is not easy to achieve effective concentration and affect the efficacy, so there will be directly into the prostate treatment of antibiotics. The specific method is to use gentamicin, kanamycin, cephalosporin, alone or in combination, by the perineum directly into the prostate, or b-guided drug directly into the prostate lesions, each Week 1 to 2 times, 10 times for a course of treatment.

Drugs can only be used as adjuvant therapy, can not make the prostate patients healed. And drug treatment will have side effects, easy to relapse, repeated, so that patients lose the feeling of healing. So the choice of treatment is very important.

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