What is the most effective antibiotic for prostatitis

 Prostatitis is a high incidence of males, male friends are afraid of prostatitis this disease. Once the male friends of urination and discomfort and other symptoms should consider the possibility of suffering from prostatitis, to timely treatment.

 Prostatitis does not take medicine will only increase will not ease, it is recommended that you timely treatment, the best treatment of prostatitis with Chinese and Western combination of treatment, first with antibiotics for 7-14 days, and then consolidate the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, prostatitis treatment System by treatment, in order to completely cure. Do not drink for a long time, do not eat spicy food, do not smoke and drink, regular sex life. I suggest you to the regular hospital treatment.

  Because the prostate outside a layer of special capsule, is a natural drug barrier, it is difficult to make drugs into the prostate inside, completely kill pathogens, cure disease, so the treatment of prostatitis need to use a physical intervention drug combination of comprehensive treatment In order to achieve a good therapeutic effect, generally after the disappearance of clinical symptoms after treatment also review prostatic fluid or prostate B-ultrasound to determine whether the disappearance of inflammation, and according to the actual situation of consolidation therapy, and prostatitis patients to quit smoking and drinking, drink plenty of water More urination, to avoid sedentary or oppression, quit masturbation and other bad habits, relax, to establish confidence, active treatment, I wish you health!

  Many men have long been prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy and impotence and premature ejaculation and other diseases, long-term can not be freed, very painful, everywhere seek medical treatment can not find the ideal. Prostate disease is difficult to cure, the main reason is the drug absorption channel blockage, metabolic channel obstruction, nutrition channel obstruction and a series of internal factors, external factors is the key to a long time.Due to the presence of the prostate capsule, the gland of the catheter occlusion, the drug is not easy to penetrate the absorption, resulting in long treatment. In addition, with the increase in male age, high blood lipids, resulting in accumulation of prostate capillaries, prostate normal blood flow is limited, the drug is more difficult to reach the affected area, the prostate can not get nutrition supply, independent immune function has been severely damaged. For all these reasons, Western medicine Western medicine can not do anything about prostate disease. Motherland medicine with traditional Chinese medicine has a very unique effect, I suggest you use traditional Chinese medicine

 Traditional Chinese medicine Nanke pills completely broke the previous treatment of prostate disease with anti-inflammatory treatment, can improve the internal and external status of the prostate, eliminate inflammation and proliferation, rehabilitation of prostate gland, effectively solve the prostate drug penetration and drug absorption problems.

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