What is Prostatitis

what is Prostatitis ?

Prostatitis Is an infection or an inflammation or an enlargement of Prostate Gland . which is present just under the Urinary Bladder Surrounding the Urethra .

I Have Just Diagnosed with Prostatitis .

If you have Just diagnosed with the Prostatitis , Please don’t Be panic This is Not Something you should be afraid of , there are 2 Million New cases Every year Alone in United States . Ask your Doctor For Medications .

What Medications are prescribed for Prostatitis?

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis The Patients suffering from systemic Symptoms are Admitted at the hospital and Antibiotic IV is given to the patients .

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis The patients are typically prescribed with 4-8 weeks of Antibiotics such as fluoroquinolone or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole .

Chronic Prostatitis , CPPS , Asymptomatic Inflammatory Prostatitis , The patients are prescribed with Alpha Blocking Agents Or Sitz baths & diazepam .

Will The Antibiotics help to Treat My Prostatitis Condition ?

Antibiotics can help you to Relief from the Symptoms and sometimes Pain medications are prescribed for patients that are suffering Pain. But the Patients visits the Doctor in a Month or In Few weeks after completing the Medicines for another Check up . in which patients States that no Relief from the Disease is Seen , So the Doctor may Prescribe with another Set of Antibiotics which may not help the patient again .

Why Does Prostatitis Symptoms Recurs Even I Take Antibiotics ?

After going through a Large number of Cases patients suffering From Prostatitis can Receive temporary or No Relief from the Symptoms or Disease . Bacteria Sometimes may be Killed or Destroyed by antibiotics but the Prostate region which Created a Suitable environment For Bacteria to Live can not be changed with Antibiotics . So if the Bacteria is Destroyed with the help of Antibiotics the new bacteria starts developing again which causes the Prostatitis Symptoms Recurrence Among patients taking Regular antibiotics .

How to change the prostate environment to Avoid bacterial Infection or inflammation Recurrence ?

According to Western medicine the Antibiotics can kill the Bacteria which should be the Solution for the Prostatitis and cause was unknown.
According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine with an history of 3500 yrs The Cause for the Prostatitis or Related conditions is due to the Increase of Heat in our body which Provides perfect environment for the Bacterial infections to attack Prostate Glad , And it’s the Reason for the Inflammation to be caused in the Prostate.

How to decrease the body Damp heat in order to treat Prostatitis ?

Dr.Ming The master of Traditional Chinese Medicine The Damp heat in our lower body can be decreased with the help of herbal Traditional Chinese Medications Called Nanke Pills and a proper diet plans .

What is the Diet Plan For Prostatitis And Can I just follow the Diet Plan with out Medication ?

The Treatment With Traditional Chinese Medicine Nanke Pills Is to Reduce the Damp Heat in the Body and eliminate the Inflammation and Kill Bacterial Infections and Reduce the size of the Prostate Gland , While taking the Medication the Patients either prescribed with the Dietary Restrictions or Standard Diet Plan Depending on the Condition and severity of the Disease . While the Medication is Fighting against the Disease the Diet is to Avoid the Patient Intake of Food Items that could increase the Heat in the Body .

Is this Treatment can help my Prostatitis Condition ?

Depending on the Type of Prostatitis That you are suffering from and The Severity of the Disease the Medication is Provided Accordingly , In which there are lots of factors that effect the Treatment , Such as Your age , Disease history , Symptoms , Duration that you are suffering from the Disease , Other Diseases history , Previous Treatment History .

Where to Buy Nanke Pills ? How to Buy Nanke Pills ? Can I Buy Nanke Pills In my country ?

Nanke Pills  Are Prescribed According to your Disease Condition , If you can Provide the Detailed Disease History of yours Including Your age , Symptoms , Duration that you are suffering from the Disease , Other Diseases history , Previous Treatment History . Dr.Ming Will Go through your case and prescribe you with the required Dosage & Treatment Duration , Diet plan Etc. Once you are prescribed with the Treatment options the Nanke Pills You can Buy From Our Website or at our Hospital . Dr.Ming is a Busy Doctor so With the help of junior Doctors She is able to Assist Patients across the world , This Nanke Pills can be bought only from our site or our clinic and No other Pharmacy in the World sells this Pills and The Medication has the IP Rights Registered .

How do I Contact Dr.Ming For my Prostatitis Treatment ?

Dr.Ming is A Busy Person Taking Care of Patients at the Hospital as well as patients across the world Online , If the treatment is Possible by Nanke Pills  Dr.lee Will prescribe you with the medication and diet plan , if not she is going to ask you for a hospital visits . You can Contact Dr.Ming here .(Please Be Specific about the Details of your disease Short messages won’t be replied).

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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