What is prostatitis caused by

Prostatitis This disease is a common male disease, the disease is often a lot of male patients have brought pain, the patient once the disease will appear urgency, urinary frequency and dysuria and other phenomena, not only will seriously affect the patient Of the normal life, in the treatment is also more difficult, then what is caused by prostatitis it, for this issue, the following together to understand a specific look at it.

  The main function of the prostate is the secretion of prostatic fluid, and seminal vesicle, urethral ball gland and other secretions together constitute the liquid part of the semen, and sperm survival, activation, fertilization, etc. are closely related. Prostatitis can occur in any age of adult men, rarely before the onset of puberty, mostly in the 20 to 40-year-old man, 35 years of age prevalence of 35% to 40%.

  The first cause is the production of this disease with a bacterial infection is a certain relationship, because now people’s thinking gradually open, sexual intercourse is more and more, after some unclean sexual life, then it is likely to Bacteria directly into the patient’s body; some men usually do not pay attention to their own personal hygiene, then the bacteria are likely to enter the body; in addition to some male patients because of the history of drug history, which is likely to lead to prostatitis For one reason.

The second one is Men’s endocrine disorders are also likely to lead to prostatitis a reason, because the male endocrine disorders, then it will produce a lot of secretions, if these secretions are not timely cleaning, then they can produce bacteria, After it is very easy to cause infection, this will lead to disease occurred. The last reason is some patients are usually due to some bad habits caused by, such as men in peacetime like smoking and drinking and eating spicy spicy food, or do not pay attention to their own body warm work and other reasons, can be A direct cause of prostatitis this disease occurred.

  These are the reasons that may lead to prostatitis, we understand, then in peacetime should be done to prevent the work, because once the occurrence of prostatitis, not only will affect the patient’s health, treatment is also more difficult , So only prevention can prevent prostatitis to the patient’s body damage.Understand the cause of prostatitis can better control the occurrence of the disease, pay attention to their own habits can be better in advance prevention, prostatitis to male friends work life has brought great harm, we must pay attention to everyone’s attention.

  In daily life, the prostate is very important for male friends, the male prostate determines the health of male friends, a lot of male friends because of bad habits lead to a threat to the prostate, if the prostate is not a serious treatment , Fertility is a great impact, then the election is very important for the treatment of medication. Nanke  Pill ,your right choice.if you still feel puzzle about its description,we are waiting for your inquire.

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