What is acute prostatitis

Prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis and prostate pain. Cellular prostatitis often bacteriuria, rather than bacterial prostatitis or prostate pain rarely occurs urinary tract infection, prostate pain without signs of inflammation, prostate massage fluid normal. Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis is a common male adult disease, at present, the cause of most chronic prostatitis is not clear, the treatment effect is not satisfactory.

  The diagnosis of acute prostatitis is not difficult, mainly through history, physical examination and blood, urine and urine culture, but the elderly patients with poor response, clinical symptoms are not obvious or combined with respiratory infections, often missed, misdiagnosed and delay the disease, The group of 5 cases of elderly patients with fever as the primary symptoms, newly diagnosed for respiratory infections and treatment, 2 d days after the frequent urination, urgency and urination difficult to consider acute prostatitis, delayed diagnosis.

  The cause of acute prostatitis is mainly bad habits and hobbies.

Young male sexual impulses, frequent sexual intercourse intermittent sexual intercourse and frequent masturbation and so easy to cause prostate congestion and even edema. If sexual excitement cannot normally vent, such as married men are often accustomed to regular sexual life for some reason cannot be sex and the man’s sexual desire and very strong this strong sexual desire often cause sexual impulses but not ejaculation opportunities ; Or excessive inhibition of sexual life can produce a long period of automatic excitement can lead to prostate congestion, perineal direct compression such as long-distance cycling or horse riding sedentary can also cause prostate congestion. Drinking too much and eating irritating food is also the cause of prostate congestion. Caused by various causes of prostate often repeated congestion and edema is caused by chronic aseptic prostatitis important pathogenesis.

  Acute prostatitis anti-infective treatment of the vast majority of patients safe and effective, the preferred treatment, most cases can be fever in the 36 ~ 48 h. Anti-infective treatment is not yet a unified program: in the middle of the treatment before the urine culture and drug sensitivity test, select the easy access to prostate tissue and prostatic fluid drugs. Fluoroquinolone in this area has a great advantage, it is amphoteric drugs, can be high concentrations into the prostate tissue. Ofloxacin and ciprofloxacin are preferred, tetracycline and macrolide are suitable for suspected mycoplasma and chlamydia.

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