what Causes Prostatitis

There Are Many Causes That Responsible for Prostatitis Among then Some of the Major causes are listed Below :

What Causes Prostatitis :

  • Bacterial Causes

  • UTI – Urinary Tract Infections

  • Age

  • STD – Sexually Transmitted Disease

  • Life Style

  • Abnormal Cell Growth

  • Perineum Injury

Above are some of the Causes Of Prostatitis Which are Explained in Detailed Below .

Bacterial Causes For Prostatitis :

Bacterial Infection to the Prostate gland is the Most Common Cause which we see among the Patients Now a Days . Bacteria May be Primarily Infected in some other areas of the Urinary System , can be the urinary Tract , Urethra etc . which Left Untreated Can Spread to Prostate Gland . Thus Causing An Infection to the Prostate which can be an Acute or Chronic .

UTI- Urinary Tract Infections :

Urinary Tract Infections is an other major Cause For the Prostatitis For the Patients Aged Between 20’s to 40’s , The Urinary Tract Infects Left Untreated has a Great chances of Spread Across the Urethra Backwards to The Prostate Region .Thus Causing Infections to the Prostate Gland & Causing Prostaitits Can be Acute or Chronic Depending on the Patient Symptoms .

Age as a Cause for Prostatitis :

Age Related Prostatitis Can Be called as BPH- Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia , According to the Prostatitis Research Center The Men Between 45-65 yrs Of age Ground are more Likely to Suffer from Prostatitis , which is Due to The condition Called BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) that is the Enlargement of the Prostate Gland .According to the Research the Prostate gland has 2 Growth Phases where the First stage of Development of the Prostate Gland is until 25 Yrs of age While the Prostate Doesn’t Show much Abnormalities where as the Second Phase of the Development Which starts at 25 yrs of Men’s Age Due to Unknown Reasons the Development may be abnormal which leads to the Enlargement of the Prostate Gland , this condition is called BPH Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia .

Life Style Cause For Prostatitis :

Life Style acts as A Minor cause for Prostatitis where Men with  Long sittings , Abnormal Belly Growth , Lack of Physical Activities , Long Distance Driving . showing Prostatic Symptoms .Research Found a common Activities Among Patients Suffering From Chronic Prostatitis are Drivers , Office Employers etc.

Abnormal Cell Growth Cause For Prostatitis :

Abnormal Cell Growth is a Cause for Prostatitis . The Increased Number of Cells in the Prostate Gland is called As BPH – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia , In which Due to increased Number Of Cells in the Prostate Gland can Cause the Enlargement Of the Prostate Gland . The Increase Size of the Cells in the Prostate Gland which is Called Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy in which Due to Increase in the Cell Size the Enlargement of the Prostate Gland Is Caused .

Perineum Injury A Cause for Prostatitis :

The Injury in the Perineum or the Area Between Rectum and Anus can cause severe Damage to the Nerves in the Area Which May lead to the Inflammation of the Prostate Gland .

I have Gone through All types of Treatment Methods For Prostatitis Such as Antibiotics , Alpha Blockers , Pain Killers etc . Which Could Not Treat My Prostatitis , Symptoms Recurs What Should I Do ?

The Above mentioned Treatment Methods are the Methods Generally Used for the Symptoms Management Only , These Type of Treatments are called as Symptom Management Treatment . If you have Already tried All the Above Mentioned Treatment Methods with No Results Dr.Ming Nanke Pills Is the Best Treatment For Prostatitis For you .

Treatment is Provided Depending on the Disease History and the Current Condition of the Patient .

A typical Dr.Ming’s Treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment Consists Of Herbal pills , which should be Taken according to the Doctors Advice Orally And Follow the Life Style & Diet Instructions Suggested By the Doctor .

The Duration of the Treatment May differ Between Patients , Due to the Type of Prostatitis The Patient is Suffering From & The Severity Of the Disease .

Please contact Dr.Ming with Detailed Disease History , Previous Treatments , Diagnosed Reports If available so that Doctor Can Provide you with the Best Possible Treatment Options with No signs of Recurrence .

Contact Dr.Ming for Complete Prostatitis Treatment

Please Provide the Symptoms that you are Suffering from Followed By ","
Please Provide the Info about when did you First Diagnosed with the Condition , What Kind of Treatments Have you Been Taking Since Then etc.
If you are Suffering from Other Diseases Including Prostate Related Disease , Please Provide The Information of the Other Disease that you are suffering from .

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