What are the symptoms of prostate infection

What is the initial symptoms of prostatitis? In daily life, we can find a lot of men appeared male disease, the work, life, family have caused all aspects of the impact, such as prostatitis. Suffering from prostatitis, male friends health will be a great harm, for the treatment of male prostatitis, we must early detection of early treatment.

  Prostatitis is a more common male disease, serious will affect the patient’s work and life, if laissez-faire development, to the late will become prostate cancer, and finally lead to death.Experts for this serious problem is very important, that prostatitis this disease must be stifled in the infancy. Therefore, today’s article will focus on what causes the prostate infection.So, what causes prostate infection?Prostatitis infection pathways generally have three aspects:

Transurethral direct spread: the bacteria through the urethra into the urethra, and then through the prostate catheter invasion of the prostate gland, causing acute or chronic prostatitis.By the blood circulation infection: other parts of the body infected with the pathogen can go through the blood circulation to the prostate caused by prostatitis.Lymphatic infection: Prostate adjacent inflammation such as rectum, colon, bladder, urethra and other lymphatic duct caused by prostatitis.

  1, blood infection

This is the main route of transmission of acute prostatitis, blood spread means that a part of the body caused by purulent infection, resulting in lower body resistance, the bacteria can be circulated in the prostate by the prostate and cause acute inflammation of the prostate changes, triggering a series Pathological changes and clinical symptoms. In addition, the virus, chlamydia, mycoplasma infection can also cause acute prostatitis.

2, direct infection

This is also a common route of infection, known as a direct tell woman, the direct cause of this infection is that bacteria directly through the urethra into the prostate tissue, or in the urethral examination, place the catheter and other medical operations, due to aseptic operation is not Strict or indwelling catheter for too long, it is likely to cause acute inflammation of the prostate. In addition, unclean sexual intercourse caused by urethritis caused by the prostate is also one of the reasons can not be ignored today.

3, reproductive system diseases

Some patients have urethral stricture, perineal trauma and other external disease, part of the elderly caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia caused by urinary retention, or due to prostate stones, can induce prostatitis.

  Early symptoms of prostatitis have the following: Urinary tract thinning: due to reduced urination capacity, urinary tract thinning, especially glandular hyperplasia to the urethra edge irregular, seriously affecting the ureteral jet. At the same time urinary line thinning is also a sign of early symptoms of prostatitis changes, male friends should pay attention.

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