Treatment of prostatitis with antibiotics

Do you know what the treatment of prostatitis is?

Prostatitis has become a major health killer for men and brings great pain to the patient. Patients with prostate enlargement, hardening, uneven surface, a small induration of such a situation, many patients are afraid of this disease, many patients would like to know what kind of treatment of such diseases, for such a Situation, let me talk about the following.

1.Antibiotic treatment.

Western medicine is mainly the use of antibiotics for treatment, is the most common treatment. Antibiotics from the plasma into the prostatic fluid, most of the urinary tract infection caused by Gram-positive bacilli is effective, but cannot pass through the lipid membrane of the prostate epithelium into the prostate acinar to achieve therapeutic effect, so the treatment is not Ideal. Long-term use of antibiotics will lead to the body to produce antibodies, liver and kidney damage is greater, it is important that antibiotics are inhibited, cannot fundamentally cure prostatitis.

2.Chinese medicine treatment.

Now the role of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of prostatitis is very large, in many cases are the main treatment. Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis out of a chronic / disease, makes the traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland in its treatment to play a very human role, and the prospects for optimism. Chinese medicine is generally divided into five types of chronic prostatitis for syndrome differentiation. Therefore, the best way for patients is to find a credible treatment of Chinese medicine;

  Antibiotic treatment of prostatitis early have a certain effect, but the late effect gradually reduced or even disappear, cannot be from the fundamental treatment of prostatitis inflammation. Thorough treatment recommended traditional Chinese medicine conditioning with diet. Correct understanding of prostatitis, is a common disease, frequently disease, not an incurable disease, but not ashamed to reduce the psychological pressure, as long as active treatment, good self-care, the symptoms can be cured until cured;

  Antibiotic therapy is a common method of treatment of prostatitis antibiotic drugs from the plasma into the prostatic fluid, most of the urinary tract infection caused by Gram-positive bacilli is effective, but cannot pass through the prostate epithelial lipid membrane and into the prostate acinar To achieve the therapeutic effect, so the treatment effect is not very satisfactory treatment of prostatitis is antibiotics cannot cure, the motherland medicine with traditional Chinese medicine has a very unique effect, I suggest you use traditional Chinese medicine: prostate congestion; control sexual intercourse, taboo intercourse interruption, can reduce the prostate congestion. 3. moderate exercise, not long riding, cycling and sedentary, office staff every 1-2 hours should stand up for a while to reduce the prostate congestion. Nanke pill,a traditional Chinese medicine will help you to do the recovery.

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