Treatment for Nonbacterial Prostatitis

Nonbacterial prostatitis can be a very time-consuming and difficult disease to treat. Nonbacterial prostatitis is a kind of prostate gland infection where no sign of bacteria is found either in urine or in semen. But there can be a severe inflammation thus causing symptoms. 90% nonbacterial prostatitis is misdiagnosed with interstitial cystitis. This condition can be caused due to previous untreated infections or repeated urinary tract infections.

The symptoms of the nonbacterial prostatitis

Weak urine stream、pain while urinating、burning while urinating、blood in the urine、blood in the semen、erectile dysfunction、pain during bowel movements、pain in the genitals、pain in the anus、frequent urination、pain during ejaculation、yellow semen.

The treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis

Patients suffering from nonbacterial prostatitis are mostly first misdiagnosed with interstitial cystitis. Due to this issue the patient’s treatment is delayed in most of the cases. After misdiagnosis until the patient diagnosed with prostatitis, the symptoms gets worsen which is rather difficult to treat. Then the patients first prescribed with the antibiotic treatment which can be a primary treatment for all kinds of prostatitis, which may help patients to manage symptoms for a while. The antibiotics can be depending on the patient’s condition. Some physician may also prescribe the patients with a combination of alpha-blockers which are the muscle or the tissue relaxers that helps the patients to manage the symptoms. In some cases patients are prescribed with pain killers combinations of antibiotics which also called as Non-Steroidal. Anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to manage the symptoms for a while. But these medications cannot be taken regularly. Using this medication for long term may have serious complications related to liver and kidney. Some patients are suggested to undergo surgery, which is known as simple prostatectomy in which a partial part of the prostate is removed with the surgical procedure, which can be a minimally invasive surgery. There can be side effects such as permanent erectile dysfunction、 stroke and sudden death .

Above mentioned methods of treatment can be known as symptoms management treatment for prostatitis, As the patients are not allowed to take tong term antibiotics or pain kills which can cause life threatening complications. So once the patients stop taking the medication, the symptoms looks recurring.

Traditional Chinese medicine treatment for prostatitis without recurrence

This treatment is mostly used for the patients suffering from prostatitis. It is prescribed depending on the disease severity and patient’s condition. In which the herbal oral medicine is provided to the patients for a duration prescribed according to the doctor. The traditional Chinese medicine can easily treat prostatitis with no recurring again which is seen in large number of patients , The herbal medication increases the blood circulation , eliminates the damp heat , decreases the inflammation , fights against the bacterial infections , increase immunity and disease resistance power in the body which why the treatment are very successful among large number of patients .

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