The Self-therapy of the Prostatitis

70% of the cure of the prostatitis depends on maintenance while 30% of which relies on the medicine or treatment. Especially because the cause of chronic prostatitis extremely complicated and the span of the cure is longer compared to many other diseases, the prostatitis has brought much torture to the patients. Moreover, some people even lose the confidence of cure; thus, enough confidence, patience and perseverance is of vital importance.

However, with the rapid pace of modern life, few patients have enough time and energy to constantly pedal between their daily routine and the hospital for treatment, and the emergence of some kinds of apparatus such as prostate treatment device raises the possibility of self-therapy.

Several common strategies of prostatitis self-therapy are listed below:

Firstly, prostate massage is an effective means of prostatitis self-therapy. As one of the traditional treatments, it can promote prostatic gland drainage and increase the local drug concentration, thereby alleviating the symptoms of prostatitis patients, but it is not useful for acute prostatitis according to the study.

Besides, the biofeedback therapy (instrumental therapy) has also become an increasingly common option among patients. Studies have shown that there is pelvic floor muscle dyssynchrony or urethral sphincter tension in bodies of patients with chronic prostatitis. Biofeedback combined with electrical stimulation can relax the pelvic floor muscle and make it more coordinated, while relaxing the external sphincter, thereby relieving chronic prostatitis perineal discomfort and urination symptoms.

In addition, the hyperthermia, mainly using a variety of physical means of the thermal effects, is used for increasing the prostate tissue blood circulation, accelerating metabolism, and is conducive to anti-inflammatory, eliminate tissue edema, and relieve pelvic floor muscle spasms.

With the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern promoted technique, Nanke Pill has been created as a better option for chronic prostatitis with no drug resistance. It can cure men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and men’s and women’s genitourinary disorder like UTI, bladder infection and so on. Long-term taking is also recommended for entire recovery with less irritation. Effective efficacy has been confirmed by an ocean of related patients.

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