The Latest Progress on the Chronic Prostatitis

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the quantum mechanics, the modern medicine has borrowed a lot from which, the combination of the western and the traditional Chinese medicine has largely progressed though, the advances have little influence on the reproductive science. However, the constructive development on the reproductive science, especially on the chronic prostatitis, is just around the corner.

First of all, the general deduction among the white blood cells in the patients’ prostatic fluid still needs to be redefined. It cannot be definitely deducted that there is bacterial infection only due to the increase on the white blood cells in the prostatic fluid. And it is not appropriate to judge the condition of the prostatitis singly by the age of the patients.

The chronic prostatitis is of a high incidence rate and it can be very confusing that the causes, pathological changes and clinical manifestations of it vary with quantities of factors. Thus, it influences the patients on the sexual activity or even on the life quality. Also it is very tricky for many doctors to treat the chronic prostatitis and find effective therapy for it with full confidence.

In the recent years, numerous therapies on the chronic prostatitis have been developed including Chinese medicine and Western medicine, systemic and local, oral and external therapies. The antibiotic treatment is no longer the most essential and vital method on the recovery of the chronic prostatitis while the comprehensive treatment gains generally priority since none of the therapies cures all parts of the disease thoroughly. As a result, particular cures should be settled for articular patients.


Combined with the essence of natural and herbal ingredients, Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive diseases and offers definitely a better choice for patients of chronic prostatitis since the application of “Nanke Pill” can completely reach the broad-spectrum antibiotic function of the Western medicine. Especially for the bacterial prostatitis it will make a much better difference. As the life quality of chronic prostatitis patients is definitely decreased sharply due to unavoidable relapse, all possible cures are supposed to be tried.

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