The Effect for Antibiotics to Treat Prostatitis

The antibiotic to treat prostatitis is the normal curing way for prostatitis patients in clinical at present. In general, it is unnecessary to cure the non-symptomatic prostatitis,except that the non-symptomatic prostatitis affects fertility. In theory, the antibiotics are only effective to acute bacterial prostatitis and to the chronic bacterial prostatitis. Abusing the antibiotics can easily lead to the drug-fast of the bacterial.

Antibiotics have a certain effect on prostatitis at earlier stage. But the effect of the antibiotics for curing prostatitis gradually reduced and even disappears at later stage. The antibiotics cannot cure the source of the prostatitis, so it is suggested that the prostatitis can be completely cured by taking the traditional Chinese medicine and by eating balanced diet and by doing the reasonable work and rest.

The relevant factors of the causes of the prostatitis are as follows.

First, sexual frequency、excessive restraint of sex and excessive masturbation will cause the abnormal congestion of prostatits. Sitting too long、driving too long、bicycling too long and horse riding too long will also cause the abnormal congestion of prostatitis for the drivers and for the white-collar workers. Excessive drinking and over eating spicy food will cause the abnormal congestion of prostatitis too. Catching a cold will lead to the abnormal congestion of prostatitis as well.

Second, bacterial、protozoa、fungus and virus may become the sources of infections of the prostatitis. In addition to blood infection and lymphatic route, direct spreading becomes a common infection way of the pathogenic bacteria. The urine will pass the prostate when the men do the urination. The urine bacterial will directly infect the prostate. Therefore, the prostatitis often recurs. And it takes a long time for treatment. Wife should also take the examination to find if her urinary system or her reproductive system has been infected or not. The couple is suggested to be cured at the same time.

Third, many people have very heavy psychological burden after that they suffer from the prostatitis because they do not know the prostatitis.

The notes of daily life of the prostatitis patients are as follows:

First, the patients should know that the prostatitis is the common disease. The prostatitis recurs many times, but it is not the incurable disease. The patients do not need to be shame of the disease. The patients should alleviate psychological pressure、take the active treatment and regulate themselves, then the prostatitis symptoms will be relieved. The prostatitis patients will fully recover.

Second, the patients should take more exercise. They can choose climbing、jogging、brisk walking and swimming according to their own conditions. They can do the exercise for 30 minutes to 40 minutes every time. They do the exercise 3 times or 4 times every week. Doing exercise not only can improve the physical fitness, but also can make the mental state of the patients become well.

Third, the patients of prostatitis are not allowed to drink alcohol and are not allowed to eat spicy excitant food. But the diet is not strictly limited. The patients can eat more apples at ordinary times. The content of zinc of apple is higher than that of the other fruit. It is a kind of protective factors for the prostate.

Fourth, the patients are suggested to have the regular normal sex life. They should drink much water before the sex life. Both of the couple should do the urination after sex life.

Fifth, the patients should avoid excessive work、catching a cold、suppressing the urine and bicycling too long.

Sixth, the patients should avoid sitting too long. They should stand up and do the other exercise for 5 to 10 minutes when they are sitting for more than 2 hours.

Seventh, the patients should relax the bowels.

Eighth, the patients should insist on bathing in the hot water or insist on hot compressing the perineum with hot water bags.

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