Symptoms of the Nonbacterial Prostatitis

The nonbacterial prostatitis has caused quantities of patients’ problems and obstacles in family and life. Causes of nonbacterial prostatitis have been constantly controversial. It is generally supported by the most of the scholars that the major factors probably include pathogen infections, inflammation, abnormal Pelvic floor neuromuscular activity and Immune abnormality. Also, there exist various symptoms of the nonbacterial prostatitis.

Those abnormalities are likely to cause chronic nonbacterial prostatitis with various appearances. The foremost of all the symptoms of the nonbacterial prostatitis is pain in pelvic area, especially perineum, penis, urethra, pubis, etc. Besides, it leads to abnormal urination, appearing urinary urgency, frequent urination, dysuria and increased nocturia. It might also cause sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory loss and so on. When it goes to the common symptoms, there exist Urinary tract symptoms, urination uncomfortable, sexual dysfunction, urinary frequency, dysuria and urinary retention, prostate calcification, prostaglandin synthesis decreased, urethra, pudendal bulge. For chronic nonbacterial prostatitis patients who have been diagnosed with chlamydia or mycoplasma infections can be treated the same as all above while those have no clear pathogen infection antibiotic treatment should not be taken.

Traditional Chinese medication has stimulated much experience of curing chronic diseases and is famous for its entire recovery in the long term with few side effects because of its pure natural ingredients and herbal essence. As one of the pioneers with the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern promoted technique, Nanke Pill has been created as a better option for chronic prostatitis with no drug resistance. Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm problem caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and men’s and women’s genitourinary disorder like UTI, bladder infection and so on.

Long-term taking of the proper cure is also recommended for entire recovery with less irritation. To conquer all the causes and symptoms of prostatitis, patients should build up healthier lifestyle and start proper treatment as soon as possible. Nanke Pill, combined with alexipharmic can eliminate irritative symptoms of bladder and get rid of such symptoms as urethra redness, pain, urethral burning, tingling, itching, pus, dripping white, urinary frequency, urgency, and dysuria; thus it has helped many patients start a healthy life without troubles of prostatitis.

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