Symptoms of the chronic prostatitis

The chronic prostatitis, mainly consisting of the chronic bacterial prostatitis and the nonbacterial prostatitis, is a common urogenital disease. Its incidence rate could be confusing among lots of specialists. Nearly 50% of the men suffer from the prostatitis at some stage of all his life. Due to its various causes, pathological changes and clinical manifestations the prostatitis largely affects males’ sexual and infertility functions, which damages the patients’ life quality and tortures them physically and mentally.

The etiology and symptoms of the chronic prostatitis is complicated. Although quite much have the specialists all over the world acknowledged on the large quantity of its pathogenesis, there remains still few new development. The anatomical position of the prostate is fairly particular with protective tissue on the surface; thus single drug treatment reaches scarcely effective absorption concentration and side effects as well as tolerance will be easily built up.

The symptoms of the chronic prostatitis vary from patients to patients. Since its similar symptoms, the chronic prostatitis sometimes can easily be confused with the single neurasthenia and thus the efficacy is not fairly satisfactory on the whole. The major symptoms include urination discomfort, partial disorders such as pain in relevant parts of the body, radioactive pain from urethra and perineum, sexual dysfunction, etc.

As it is divided into bacterial prostatitis and nonbacterial prostatitis the causes and common therapies of chronic prostatitis differentiate from each other. The causative factors of bacterial prostatitis are mainly pathogen infections, while that of nonbacterial prostatitis includes pathogen infections, urinary dysfunction, psychological factors, neuroendocrine factors, abnormal immune reaction and so forth.

As a result, healthy lifestyle and proper comprehensive treatment including antibacterial treatment, anti-inflammatory and analgesic medication, physiotherapy, massage and hyperthermia, operation, etc., should be taken as soon as possible. Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive diseases in particularly gentle but thorough ways of the Chinese medicine. Much different from single traditional western medication, it is combined with essence of medication from multiple cultures and reaches extraordinary consequence with recovery. And relevant symptoms will be gradually eased in a more proper way.

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