Symptoms of Prostatitis

Symptoms of Prostatitis:

Depending on the Type of Prostatitis The Patient Is suffering from , The Symptoms may differ some of the most common symptoms of Prostatitis are explained below :

 Weak Urine Stream : (There will be difficulty in urinating , feeling there is a huge flow of urine but could not push it out .)

 Frequent Urination : (The Bladder emptying problem , the patients takes longer time to empty the bladder where they feel the bladder is empty & just after a while the Bladder sensor nerves tell them that the the bladder is not empty yet , so you still need to urinate . this happens all the time through out the day and night among the patients with Prostatitis.)

 Pain During Ejaculation : (The pain during or after the Ejaculation can be seen in the patients suffering from prostatitis which can be started as a small noticeable pain at the beginning and will grow to Burning sensation or Knife scar sensation among the patients with Prostatitis.)

 Urge to urinate : (The urgency to urinate is also a common Symptom which is caused either prostate glands pressure on the urethra or Bladder Sensory nerve Stimulation to the un empty bladder .)

 Blood in Urine / semen : (Blood can be seen in the urine or the semen of the patients suffering from Prostatitis which can be the Result from Infection in the Prostate gland or may be the inflammation of the Prostate or may result from the Urinary Tract Infections , scars caused in the Urethra .)

 Erectile Dysfunction : (Erectile Dysfunction can be seen the Patients Suffering from Chronic Prostatitis and also BPH which can be resulting from the Dysfunction of the Prostate gland due to The infection of the Prostate or The inflammation of the Prostate.)

 Urine Leakage : (Urine leakage is found in the patients with the Prostatitis , which is result from the Squeezing of the Urethra by Surrounded prostate gland which during the Movements there are small amounts of Urine coming out of the Urethra With out the Person notice.)

 Pain During Bowel Movements : (Pain can be noticed in the patients with the Prostatitis during the Bowel Movements which is resulting from the Enlarged Prostate glands which is most commonly seen in the patients with BPH .)

Natural Herbal Treatment for the Prostatitis:

Dr.Ming a Traditional Medicine Practitioner Treated Large number of cases with her Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment which has 3500 Years of history , The medicine Called Nanke Pills along with the Dietary restrictions Can Help Patients with prostatits for a Long term Relief . As the Nanke Pills Are Made from the Herbs the Medication do not have any kind of side effects to the patient . But the Practitioner suggests that the Patients need to follow the Dietary Restrictions Strictly in order to Herbs to Do their Work. The Nanke Pills has been a best Natural Treatment for Patients with prostatitis and who ever is suffering from recurrence of prostatitis and Patients with BHP .

Please contact Dr.Ming with your Diagnosed Reports and Disease History to know if you suitable to take the treatment with Nanke Pills.

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