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 Prostatitis This male common disease and frequently-occurring disease, because of the current causes of its understanding is not very clear, coupled with its more specific anatomical structure and occurred in the frequent sexual activity of the crowd and many other reasons, making It’s not easy to treat it. Life can often see patients with prostatitis repeated treatment, cannot cure the situation. In fact, with the continuous development of medicine, many methods in the treatment of prostatitis have achieved significant therapeutic effect, as long as the patient to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, with the doctor in close cooperation, is to cure prostatitis, start a new life.

  Here we will introduce some of the commonly used treatment. The first type is Antibiotic treatment. This is a common method of treating prostatitis. Antibiotics from the plasma into the prostatic fluid, most of the urinary tract infection caused by Gram-positive bacilli is effective, but cannot pass through the lipid membrane of the prostate epithelium into the prostate gland to achieve the role of treatment, so the treatment is not Ideal. Therefore, the treatment of prostate cancer election antibiotics should follow the following principles:

(1) drugs have a higher sensitivity to bacteria.

(2) to determine the application of drugs should be high fat-soluble, high permeability, and plasma protein binding rate is low, high degree of dissociation as the standard.

(3) more than two gods and synergistic use of drugs in combination.

(4) in order to make the drug in the prostate stroma to achieve effective concentration and to prevent the occurrence of urethral infection, should promote the superstar and overtime (4 to 12 weeks) medication.

  The second type is Chinese medicine treatment. Prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis out of a chronic disease, makes the traditional Chinese medicine in the motherland in its treatment to play a very human role, and the prospects for optimism. Chinese medicine is generally divided into five types of chronic prostatitis for syndrome differentiation.

  Last but not least, Injection therapy. As the whole body of antibiotics in the prostate is not easy to achieve effective concentration and affect the efficacy, so there will be direct injection of antibiotics into the prostate treatment. The specific method is to use gentamicin, kanamycin, cephalosporin, alone or in combination, by the perineum directly into the prostate, or in the B-guided liquid directly into the prostate lesions, each Week 1 to 2 times, 10 times for a course of treatment. Nanke Pill can cure men’s reproductive  diseases such as epididymitis, prostatitis, chlamydia  infection, mycoplasma  infection, sperm  problem  caused  by  infection, bladder infection and so on. We choose to try a traditional Chinese medicine, they are convinced that the power of the brand, has applied for a national patent pure Chinese medicine Nanke pill such as its inventor Ming is a specialized male reproductive system diseases and male and female urinary system diseases of Chinese medicine.

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