Prostatitis Testicular Pain

The causes of testicular pain

     Prostatitis and epididymitis may be the sources of testicle pain because bacterial infection of prostatitis and epididymitis could cause severe symptoms and inflict testicle pain. Testicular Pain is rare but serious condition. It is considered as a surgical emergency in young male under the age of 25 years. Testicular pain can be of different types based on the onset and course.

There are many causes of testicle pain. When a man has symptoms of testicle pain, the cause could be from bacterial infection of nearby genital organs. Prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, urinary tract infection, epididymitis and deferentitis are common to cause the testicle pain. When you find yourself having symptoms of prostatitis, the whole condition is mainly prostatitis. The treatment will be on cure of both prostatitis and testicle pain. This is because the infection of prostatitis may cause recurrence of testicle pain if left untreated. Cure on prostatitis is the best treatment for a cure of testicle pain.

How to cure testicular pain

Prostatitis brings a series of unbearable symptoms to male patients, and testicular pain is one of the typical symptoms. Our prostate doctor uses the traditional Chinese herbal medicine to help cure testicle pain. The prostatitis treatment applies injection to vas deferens and epididymis to clear up infection and blockage. Testicle pain will definitely recur with the existence of prostatitis.

The patient should consult the physician to diagnose the possible cause of testicular pain. The physician may prescribe a low-grade painkiller as well as antibiotics if the patient is confirmed to have epididymitis or orchitis.

The patient should get substantial rest and limit physical activities to keep his feet elevated. This will reduce gravitational pull and prevent unnecessary blood flow in the affected area. He should read the labels of the prescribed painkiller and antibiotics prior to taking them. He should make sure to take only the dose recommended by his doctor.

The patient should find a comfortable place where he can sit after taking the prescribed medicine. He should make sure to wear clothes that provide scrotal support so as not to cause discomfort.

The patient should place a towel on the affected area to reduce the risk of frostbite or burns prior to applying the packs. He should place his hot-cold packs on the towel covering the affected area. His doctor should prescribe a specific amount of time for applying the heat or cold before he remove or alternate between them.

The patient should try to relax while applying the packs and keep his feet up to keep the blood flow steady in the affected area. The traditional Chinese medicine is very effective. The discomfort of testicular pain will disappear after that the patient takes the traditional Chinese medicine.

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