Prostatitis Pain Symptoms

The pain is a common symptom of prostatitis. It is greatly significant for the diagnosis of the prostatitis pain and similar diseases. Accordingly, the prostatitis pain symptoms arouse more attentions. What are the prostatitis pain symptoms? The experts point out that prostatitis pain is usually manifested as tenderness, which should be paid special attention when diagnosing.

The prostatitis pain belongs to the category of prostate pain, and prostatitis pain is usually similar to the discomfort of chronic prostatitis caused by the spasm of the urethral muscles, prostate muscles, or perineum and pelvic floor muscles. In addition to prostatitis disease with prostate pain, prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer and other usually have pain symptoms.

When doing DRE of prostatitis pain, there is no pain and tenderness of prostate palpation but the levator ani muscles on both sides of the anus have more obvious tenderness. Many patients with prostatitis pelvic pain can be found in the perineum, penis, perianal, urethra, pubic or lumbosacral and other fields. Due to the patient’s disease course and the different duration, the different patients with prostatitis pain symptoms have different characteristics.

The pain of prostatitis patients is not only reflected at the above parts, but the abnormal micturition pain is also the characteristics of prostatitis pain which is manifested as increased nocturia, urgent urination, frequent urination, dysuria and other aspects. If the prostatitis pain of patients continued unhealed, it is bound to affect the life quality of patients, accompanied with the sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, insomnia, memory decline and other symptoms.

Presumably, a lot of friends have gained some understanding on the problem of prostatitis pain symptoms through the above introduction. The experts remind that the pain of prostatitis and other diseases are similar, so it should pay attention to the diagnosis of other symptoms and be necessary to combine the relevant laboratory tests for a better treatment of disease and getting rid of the disease hazards.

How to treat prostatitis?

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