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Prostatitis refers to the prostate-specific and non-specific infection caused by acute and chronic inflammation, resulting in systemic or local symptoms. The main symptoms of urination discomfort, posterior urethra, perineum and anus bulge discomfort, squat, stool and long sitting on the chair bench aggravate pain, can cause loss of libido and ejaculation, ejaculation, and affect Semen quality, after urination or stool can also appear urethral orifice, combined with vasculitis can occur when the blood sperm and so on. The complications are: chronic seminal vasculitis, impotence, acute seminal vasculitis or epididymitis and vas deferens, sexual dysfunction and so on.

Treatment methods are: the traditional treatment, systemic antibiotic therapy, urethral catheter irrigation technology, microwave, radio frequency and other single physical therapy, Chinese medicine treatment. Recommended under the guidance of a professional doctor is appropriate.

Prostatitis mainly for the lower abdomen, perineum, testicular Department of discomfort, urethra drops white and so on. Excessive drinking, massage too heavy, microbial infection, sexual life is not normal, direct oppression perineum, allergic reactions to a virus, can lead to prostatitis. Prostatitis can cause continuous or recurrent urogenital infections. In addition, 30% of semen ingredients are prostatic fluid, if the prostate disease is bound to affect the semen, and affect fertility. Male friends have prostatitis can affect the work and life; affect sexual function, leading to impotence, premature ejaculation; affect fertility can lead to infertility; lead to chronic nephritis; leading to endocrine disorders caused by mental disorders; infected spouses caused by gynecological inflammation; caused by infection, epididymitis.

Face the disease, do not worry, panic, as long as the choice of regular professional male hospital, according to the patient’s own situation and the characteristics of the disease, preventive care and clinical treatment combined, while maintaining optimism, establish confidence in the disease, regular physical examination, Life to learn a reasonable, scientific self-care, you can achieve a very good treatment and prevention purposes.

Prostatitis is a lot of men suffering from inflammation, and it is difficult to completely cure, affecting the health of male friends, then what is the maintenance of prostatitis? While doing prostatitis self-treatment at the same time, we should also pay attention to self-care to ensure that our body’s health, while preventing the deterioration of the disease. It is recommended that you should be combined to see their own situation, early to the hospital for doing urine, prostatic fluid routine, prostate B ultrasound and other related checks, according to the results of positive examination of the doctor prescribed treatment. Male friends should avoid long-term drinking, smoking, eating spicy, irregular sexual life, work overwork, fatigue, etc., so as not to cause prostatitis.

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