prostatitis back pain

  Why do you say that prostatitis can cause back pain? Experts Dr. Ming pointed out that the reason is because when the male friends ejaculation, the prostate contraction will cause back pain or pain, thus affecting the hardness of the penis.

  Prostatitis is due to pathogen infection and / or some non-infectious factors to stimulate the pelvic pain or discomfort, abnormal urination and other clinical manifestations. Prostatitis is a common disease of adult males, and the prevalence of adult males under the age of 50 is higher, data shows that prostatitis patients accounted for 8% to 25% of urological outpatients, the pathogenesis of prostatitis, pathophysiology Not very clear. Recently, many scholars believe that he is not a simple disease, but prostatitis syndrome (prostatitis syndromef, ps). These diseases have their own causes, clinical features and prognosis.

  Prostate disease is the key to early diagnosis, early treatment, do not let small lesions become large, persistent refractory, otherwise, not only will cause future urinating difficulties, physiological dysfunction, but also lead to male infertility, and even lead to prostate disease, serious harm to men Physical and mental health, affect the feelings of husband and wife.In addition, often feel the whole body pain, the perineum around the hidden pain discomfort, scrotum cold and humid, back pain, lower limb weakness, gastrointestinal discomfort, stool diarrhea or secret embolism. Alcohol over, masturbation too frequent, microbial infection, sexual life is not normal, direct oppression perineum, allergic reactions to a virus, can lead to prostatitis.

  At present, the number of patients with domestic use of prostate disease treatment of the majority Is a kind of ancient prescription and modern technology combined with a scientific formula, can be directly to the prostate lesion repair prostate injury to eliminate inflammation of the natural prostate problem can be recovered, such as prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia, impotence and premature ejaculation, prostate calcification, urinary frequency urinary Do both male prostate problems can be fundamentally resolved.

  Face the disease, do not worry, panic, as long as the choice of regular professional male hospital, according to the patient’s own situation and the characteristics of the disease, the combination of preventive care and clinical treatment, while maintaining optimism, establish confidence in the disease, regular physical examination, Life to learn a reasonable, scientific self-care, you can achieve a very good treatment and prevention purposes.Drinking water prostatitis patients should be a lot of water, drink 2 to 3 liters of mineral water a day, increase the urine, help to discharge waste. Moderate exercise the best way to exercise is to walk, not riding a bike, because the seat will oppress the prostate, aggravated pain. These methods, of course, can alleviate the pain of prostatitis, but the most important thing is the need for prostate cancer patients adhere to, in order to achieve better therapeutic effect. The same time as.

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