Prostatitis Age

Prostatitis can be classified as nonspecific bacterial prostatitis, idiopathic bacterial prostatitis, prostatitis (caused by gonococcal, tubercle fungus, fungus, parasite etc.), nonspecific granulomatous prostatitis, other pathogens (such as virus, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc.) caused by prostatitis, prostate congestion pain. Prostatitis almost accompanies a man’s life,

so, how is it caused at the different age?

Children rarely develop prostatitis. Childhood prostatitis is similar to adult, it also be divided into acute and chronic. the reason Causing the child acute prostatitis are not only the wrapping stems or the wrapping is too long and the the urethra upward infection caused by vulva unclean, but also may because the decayed tooth, the respiratory tract infection and so on which causes the germ to invade the prostate from the blood. Of course, childhood prostatitis is very rare.

Initial puberty, the role of hormones caused the boy in the mind of their own and the girl’s body curiosity and yearning; and the prostate, seminal vesicle gland and external penis, testis, epididymis and other organs began to repeatedly hyperemia and continue to grow in the male body . After repeated hyperemia and erection, ejaculation is formed, and the pleasure of ejaculation makes the vast majority of boys pursue; in the process, some of the boys began to masturbate and indulge in it. these either excessive or scarce masturbation cause a part of the boy’s small belly swelling, scrotum swelling, or urination waiting, or dysuria, or urination, or urine, or even low back pain, This is the symptom of prostatitis. In this stage, the prostatitis is very rare caused by the impurity.

In the late adolescence, some boys have sex. At this time, sexual life frequency the main predisposing factors of prostatitis; Secondly, the sexual life is not clean is another factor; Adult, middle-aged, regular sexual life allows a part of the male prostate to be properly, suitable to use, and a part of the weekend couples or long-term separation of the couple, gathering dense, frequent, when the break-up is scarce, if not properly guided, it is very likely to appear prostatitis symptoms.

Old age, a part of the elderly male, the decline of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction or spouse’s lack of cooperation, or widowed make them get the prostate hyperplasia often accompanied by prostate inflammation.

The factors inducing the prostatitis of all ages are focused on different reasons, knowing this and noticing it, your prostate should be less inflamed.

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