prostate cancer pathophysiology

 Prostate cancer in Europe and the United States the incidence is very high, and relatively small in China. With the development of the economic level, the Chinese diet changes and some changes in living habits, the current Chinese patients with prostate cancer was increasing year by year trend. Unfortunately, most of the prostate cancers diagnosed in Yunnan have been metastatic late tumors.

  With the development of society, from a global perspective, the incidence of prostate cancer increased year by year trend, is currently threatening male health one of the most common malignant tumors, but the incidence of prostate cancer in different countries and races vary widely : The highest incidence of North America and Scandinavia region, from 1984 onwards, prostate cancer has become the most common malignancy in the United States, the highest incidence of black (258.3 / 10 million), white incidence 163.4 / 10 million; the lowest incidence in Asia (China’s Tianjin annual incidence rate of only 1.9 / 100,000). In recent years, China’s rapid socio-economic development, people’s living standards have been greatly improved, the daily diet gradually Westernization (gradually turning to high protein and high fat diet), the incidence of prostate cancer also showed increasing trend, Shanghai 2000 prostate cancer Of the incidence rate than in 1973 increased by 4.8 times, has become the highest incidence of male genitourinary system tumors; Beijing in 1995 the incidence rate higher than in 1985, 2.3 times higher in recent years, the author of the department each year the number of newly diagnosed cases Are close to 150 cases, so the risk factors for prostate cancer, early diagnosis and treatment and active prevention are placed in front of clinical workers an important issue.

  The cause of prostate cancer is not very clear, generally believed that genetic factors and metabolic disorders associated with sex hormones, it was also suggested that the occurrence of prostate cancer and previous urinary genital gonococcal infection are linked, so chronic inflammatory stimulation may be a predisposing factor.Prostate cancer is associated with a large number of benign prostatic hyperplasia, but cancer is not caused by the deterioration of benign prostatic hyperplasia, from the anatomical point of view, the posterior lobe of the prostate, the posterior part of the prostate cancer is a good place, but also Part of the prostate cancer occurred in the proliferation of prostate tissue, because of its small tumor, and very hidden, so there are “hidden prostate cancer,” said.Prostate cancer has the characteristics of early metastasis to lymph and blood transfer, such as the transfer to the pelvic bone, pelvic lymph nodes, easy to transfer to the lungs, liver, brain, skin and other parts. In addition, also spread directly to the adjacent organs, such as the bladder, sacrum, seminal vesicle and so on.Pathological observation, prostate cancer is yellow and white, very hard, the size of the mirror to see a large number of prostate tissue epithelialization or hard cancer, epithelial composition showed papillary characteristics.

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