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Men are now the pressure and responsibility are very heavy group of people, because of this, many men appeared male disease, prostatitis is one of the more high incidence of men, including prostatitis is divided into acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. So, what does acute prostatitis give to men? The goal of the prostate is very broad, so many men because of his usual negligence was entangled by him. Prostate will give patients a lot of pain, for example, the patient will feel the obvious dysuria, as well as other parts of the body discomfort. But what is the cause of prostatitis?

 Prostatitis is a variety of complex causes and incentives caused by inflammation of the prostate, immune, neuroendocrine participation in the intricate pathological changes, leading to urinary tract irritation and chronic pelvic pain as the main clinical manifestations of the disease. Prostate inflammation of the clinical manifestations of diversification, may appear perineum, suprapubic region, groin area, genital pain discomfort; urinary tract symptoms for urination when burning, urgency, frequent urination, urination pain, may be associated with urinary end urinary or urethral pus Sexual infection may be associated with aversion to cold, fever, fatigue and other systemic symptoms advice: life need to do self-care: drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, strengthen the exercise, to avoid cold, do not hold back urine, to avoid excessive Life, Eat spicy spicy food, quit smoking and so on.

  Prostatitis often manifested as abnormal urination, such as urinary frequency, urgency, urine waiting, urine drops white; radiation to the perineum, penis, groin area pain; serious words, there will be impotence, premature ejaculation dysfunction. Prostate secretion of prostatic fluid is an important part of semen, if the inflammation is not effective treatment for a long time, will cause decreased sperm quality, induced infertility. If you have the above symptoms, or consider the case of prostatitis, it is recommended as soon as possible to the regular male specialist hospital examination, through the prostatic fluid, ultrasound, to identify the cause, symptomatic treatment, can be cured. During the treatment to avoid eating spicy spicy food, quit smoking and alcohol, to avoid sedentary, long ride and so on.

  Antibiotic therapy is a common method of treating prostatitis. Antibiotics from the plasma into the prostatic fluid, most of the urinary tract infection caused by Gram-positive bacilli is effective, but can not pass through the lipid membrane of the prostate epithelium into the prostate acinar to achieve therapeutic effect, so the treatment effect Not very ideal.Prostatitis treatment new method,a traditionl chinese medicine called Nanke pill,specifically care for the prostate, for prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and other prostate problems have a very good effect. It is unique in that it belongs to the topical patch directly attached to the navel. Navel is the Shenque, is the body up and down, around the intersection of yin and yang, but also the focus of the accumulation of blood around the body. And the human umbilical epidermis stratum corneum is thin, there are abundant capillary network under the umbilical, and local depression, is conducive to long-term storage of drugs. So you can make the drug better absorption, and is the use of valuable Chinese herbal medicine extracted from, without any side effects, you can rest assured that the use.

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