Medication for prostatitis

In modern life, “sedentary” has become a common life, work phenomenon, as a regular sitting work Zhang questioned, “sedentary” how to deal with prostatitis. Li Haisong director suggested him: first, to restore high school life, every 40 minutes to 1 hour up activities, to the stress of the prostate to take a break. Second, for a lot of young people will forget the work of a job, Director Li suggested that you can drink plenty of water at work, whether you are fetching water or drinking water to the toilet, will get up, so passive movement is to the prostate Decompression method.

Recently, working in Beijing Zhang came to our male outpatient clinic, tell the other troubled symptoms. Xiao Zhang said that in recent days there has been frequent urination, urgency, urinary tract burning sensation, and accompanied by a small abdomen, perineal soreness discomfort. Thought that what had their own urethral inflammation, taking some antibiotics, found that the symptoms before, then visit our department. Xiao Zhang is very puzzled that their usual habits are good, do not drink, do not smoke, why the emergence of these symptoms for no reason?

So, many people will be confused why “sedentary” will lead to the occurrence of prostatitis it? This is closely related to the location of the prostate. The prostate is the largest male gland, deep pelvic, the location can be described as important. When the men sit down, they are closely connected with the stool, we often describe the man is “sitting” on the prostate. A long time will produce a sterile “oppressive inflammation”, there will be frequent urination, urgency, urethral burning and other bladder irritation. And prostate inflammation often “implicated” around the organization, there will be lumbosacral, lower abdomen, perineum, scrotum and other parts of the sinking, bulging feeling. This is the common “where there is oppression where there is resistance” of prostatitis.

Since there is the symptoms of prostatitis, you can first check the prostate color Doppler ultrasound and prostatic fluid examination to see if there is no prostatitis, check the clear after you can take the general treatment, if the examination of prostatic fluid with white blood cells can be taken at the same time levofloxacin , The other can be warm water bath, small abdomen hot massage treatment, help to promote recovery.

Prostate is clinically more common disease, to the great harm to men, in the event of a need for timely treatment. As prostatitis during treatment does not pay attention is very easy to cause infection, so doctors generally do not recommend sexual life. The methods provided on the web pages by many famous doctors didn’t take effect. Now I would like to introduce two kinds new medicine which of great help for our male friends: Nanke Pill  can  cure  men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, sperm  problem  caused by infection, chlamydia infection, mycoplasma infection, and  men’s and women’s genitourinary disorder like UTI,  bladder infection and so on.

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