Is Benign Prostate Hyperplasia the Enlargement of the Prostatitis?

BPH is short for benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is one of the most common urinary surgery diseases happened to the old men. BPH is actually the pathological diagnosis. The symptoms are the glandular epithelium of the prostatitis or the stromal hyperplasia of the prostatitis. BPH is really not the enlargement of the Prostatitis. Therefore, it is not correct to name benign prostatic hyperplasia the enlargement of prostatitis. BPH may lead to Benign Prostatic enlargement which is short for BPE. And Benign Prostatic enlargement may cause the bladder outlet obstruction. Then the bladder outlet obstruction may lead to a series of urination symptoms.

In recent years, many scholars find that the so called benign prostatic hyperplasia of the old men is not really caused by the bladder outlet obstruction.The bladder outlet obstruction is caused by the enlargement of prostatitis. The change in function of forced urinous muscle of the old men may produce the similar symptoms. The change in function of forced urinous muscle may be caused by the bladder outlet obstruction or by the aging of the forced urinous muscle. Therefore, Lower urinary tract symptoms are advocated to describe the series of urination symptoms of the old men internationally.

Therefore, benign prostatic hyperplasia is not really the enlargement of the prostatitis. And prostatic enlargement does not have to be caused by bladder outlet obstruction.The common benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms are the series of the lower urinary tract symptoms which is caused by bladder outlet obstruction. But the bladder outlet obstruction is caused by the enlargement of prostatitis. And the enlargement of prostatitis maybe is caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia.

According to some suggestions from experts, the prostatitis play an important role in the body of a man, for it is seated in the special position of the body of a man. Men have to do more exercise. Do not sit too long. The patients who drive cars、play cards and play mah-jong should especially pay attention to take more exercise. Sitting too long will lead to the recurrence of the prostatitis. Besides, please do not stay up late. Staying up late will make immunity declined. And declined immunity will also lead to the recurrence of the prostatitis. If the doctor makes the definite diagnosis of the prostatitis for the man, then the men should take the effective treatment. The man should not delay the right time of treatment.

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