herbal cure for chronic prostatitis

When talking about cure for chronic prostatitis, herbal therapies have been very popular recently. The basis of the herbal cure for chronic prostatitis is the traditional Chinese medicine theory. It has a special theoretical system, in which human body is an energetic system in dynamic balance. Qi which flows through the meridian system of the body is the motive force for all the body activities. If the Qi is blocked, the dynamic balance will be upset, thus leading to certain diseases. Therefore, in the Chinese traditional theory, chronic prostatitis is caused by Qi and blood blockage in the meridian channel running through the prostate. Besides, heat and dampness in the lower part of the body is another cause of chronic prostatitis. Based on these causes, herbal cures are provided for patients with chronic prostatitis.

Herbal cure is a type of treatment using natural herbs. Natural herbs with certain functions can help deal with different physical illnesses. The combination of various herbs based on a certain proportion of formula can prepare medicine for certain diseases. For chronic prostatitis, one popular traditional Chinese medicine is Nanke Pill. It is a kind of diuresis antibiotic medicine with good effects on men’s reproductive and urinary problems. The herbs in Nanke Pill are able to effectively eliminate inflammations in men’s reproductive system and urinary system. It helps relieve chronic pain of chronic prostatitis by improving blood circulation to remove blood stasis and open up the meridian channels running through prostate including Foot’s Absolute Yin Liver Meridian and Foot’s Minor Yin Kidney Meridian. The ingredients of Nanke Pill include Plantain seed, pangolin, Dianthus superbus, talcum, herba laminariae, saffron, honeysuckle and so on. Each herb has its own feature and function. For example, plantain seed is sweet in flavor and slightly cold in nature which can easily enters liver, kidney, lung, and small intestine. Its main functions are to clear away heat and dampness, promote urination, and eliminate phlegm. It can decrease symptoms of chronic prostatitis like difficult urination and stranguria.

In China, Nanke Pill as a patented pill is wide adopted as one herbal cure for chronic prostatitis. With proven effects, it has improved the life quality of patients with chronic prostatitis. More information on Nanke Pill can be seen in Dr. Ming’s website.

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