Gleason score prostate cancer

 As many have wondered, what is the Gleason score and why it is important. The Gleason grading system is used to evaluate the prognosis of prostate cancer with the samples taken from prostate biopsy. So based on the microscopic appearance of the prostate cancer, a Gleason score would be given. And a high score refers to the cancers with more aggressive behaviors and worse prognosis. The scores range from 2 to 10, and as the numerical value goes up, the risks also increase and the mortality becomes higher.

         Then one might be interested in knowing how the score was derived. Pathologists would look at the biopsy sample, assigning a grade to the most predominant pattern in the biopsy and another grade to the second most predominant one. Adding these two grades together, one will get the final Gleason score.

          Moving on to what the Gleason scores represent in terms of cancer stages. In general, lower scores ranging from 2 to 4 indicate that the cancer is less aggressive, while those with scores as high as from 7 to 10 tend to be far more aggressive and chronic. Equally important is the fact that Gleason 5 also exists, and having a 5 puts you at a higher risk of recurrence.

         The Gleason score has been used widely as a reference when deciding which treatment plans to take. As a rule of thumb, the lower the Gleason score, the less severe the condition is, and more of surveillance rather than active treatments would be recommended. Of course, the Gleason score would not be the only factor to take into consideration when making a treatment plan. Many other factors such as your medical history, family history, you expected life length and so on would all be taken into account, especially for those with relatively higher Gleason score.

          Then what are the possible treatment plans for prostate cancer or potential cancer? Many medical professionals would prescribe antibiotics as soon as infection has been detected. More urgent conditions would also require approaches such as surgeries or relevant medical procedures to remove the cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to more parts of the body. A more conservative approach with less direct effect but no side effects at the same time would be the herbal remedies. Things like the Nanke Pill from Dr. Ming’s clinic has proved to be very helpful in relieving the infection around the prostate area, assisting in the process of cancer treatment regardless of the Gleason score. No matter the score is high up or down below, the Nanke Pill would always bring you the most unexpected effects.

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