Enlarged prostate

 The prostate is known as a small gland found in men. It sits just under the bladder and with age, the prostate is highly likely to enlarge. This condition is commonly known as ‘an enlarged prostate’. This condition is not life-threatening, in contrast to prostate cancer, which is found more frequently in real life. The enlarged prostate is increasingly common as one ages.

It has been estimated that around 3.2 million men in UK have symptoms arising from an enlarged prostate, and 50% of men over the age of 50 show signs of prostate enlargement. By the age of 70, about 80% of men have an enlarged prostate. Though the symptom itself is not life-threatening, it can provoke a series of unexpected and unwelcomed changes to one’s health and personal life. As the prostate enlarges, it adds pressure to the bladder and interferes with the way it works. This will cause the incurrence of the following case: having to pee in the middle of the night, the high frequency of passing water, incessant urine flow, and the constant dribbling at the end.

As for the treatments towards the enlarged prostate, there are numerous options. For those who suffer mild symptoms, it is suggested that you simply sit and wait. It takes time to see how the symptoms might turn out, since sometimes they are just benign. For those who have moderate symptoms, it is recommend that prescribed drugs known as α-blockers and 5α-reductase inhibitors would come into place. For the ones whose symptoms are severe, a hospital appointment with a urologist is absolutely necessary.

One of the most effective way to get rid of the enlarged prostate is herbal remedies. An increasing number of doctors have endorsed the effectiveness of herbal remedies in treating mild to moderate symptoms of an enlarged prostate. One of the top choices would be the Nanke Pill from the Dr. Ming’s TCM clinic. It has been proved effective through various cases ranging from mid-aged men to the senior citizens. It is totally natural, coming with absolutely side effects, and has been constantly receiving positive feedbacks from its users. do not hesitate to take a shot, which will absolutely end the constant dribbling at the end of passing water and make yourself surprised.

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