Do prostatitis patients use the antibiotics properly?

As anti-bacterial medications which play an important role in the disease remedies. The commonly used antibiotics include amoxicillin, penicillin, doxycycline, analgesic, ciprofloxacin, and many other types of antibiotics with different functions. Men probably find out the most familiar antibiotics which have been used in their previous medication history. As anti-infective drug, western medicine remedies of antibiotics have a wide range of classifications according to the infection caused by certain type of germ (bacteria or parasites). Prostatitis is correlated with the infection of prostate gland, which could be invaded by a type of bacteria or over one kind of infection. Therefore, it could make the treatment difficult for the men with severe infections located in prostate gland. Antibiotics can significantly slow down the proliferation of germs, and then the speed of spreading could be slower after the antibiotics have been used in the western medicine in prostatitis patients.

As modern medicine, antibiotics have been found to prevent the organism invader among people, which achieve great effect. However, there are a lot of bacteria which have the drug-resistance in treatment course. Therefore, the outcome of treatment is poor because the symptoms may not respond well to treatment because when the antibiotics resistance occurs, which means that bacteria use its own way to reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics. Namely,, the antibiotics could become less effective. Now, the first challenge has been selected. And that is drug resistance. Facing with this phenomenon, prostatitis patients try to take measure to solve the problems, but it seems not to be simple for the prevention of drug-resistance. Therefore, the prostatitis could be a trouble, but prostatitis patients also need to treat the infections properly in case of the misuse of antibiotics. The number of patients who become infected with bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics is still increasing in public. If the ability of antimicrobial resistance cannot be eradicated, western medicine remedy of antibiotics used to treat the conditions of prostatitis won’t resist the microbe.

What could be right direction for prostatitis treatment? The emergence of this traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy of Nanke pill has being known among men. The new herbal begins to curb the infections safely and effectively when these western antibiotics endanger the prostatitis patients because they use too many antibiotics. On the contrary, the new traditional Chinese herbal medicine of Nanke pill won’t have contributed to the antibiotic resistance. Therefore, without causing harm, each prostatitis patient will be provided comfortable treatment. The bacteria will be killed slowly and completely, and they won’t have chance come back any more when this traditional Chinese herbal medicine remedy of Nanke pill is being used.

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