Congestive prostatitis

To start off, what is prostatitis? As known by many, it is the swelling and inflammation of the prostate gland. Usually, those who have the prostate enlargement are more likely to contract it. Painful and incessant urination is always the direct result of it. And as for the causes, there are many to name, while bacterial infection, the most universal one, is one of them. If you break down the category of prostatitis, there are two streams to name, one is the bacterial type, literally meaning caused by the bacteria, the other being non-bacterial. Congestive prostatitis is one of the sub-categories when you break down the non-bacterial prostatitis conditions. It is said that the Congestive prostatitis takes place when one has not been ejaculating enough and thus the semen accumulates at an increasing speed within one’s body. To be more precisely, it has the symptoms of having excess of fluids in one’s gland. And the most direct while effective solution is by increasing the frequency of jacking off.


Moving off to the causes of Congestive prostatitis, there are several to mention. The most common one is that the arousal is prolonged while the ejaculation has been seriously delayed or terminated. This leads to the accumulation of fluids within the gland, and therefore resulting in the Congestive prostatitis. The other cause, which is less common, is that the blood in the blood vessels which supply to the male genital area is congested, thus leading to testicular pain during the orgasm.


Congestive prostatitis is chronicle and painful, then how can we prevent it if we have not been impacted or how can they be cured from the root if we are the suffers of it already? First of foremost, a healthy sexual life is the most crucial point in managing this condition. Though it is caused by the accumulation of the fluids in the bladder gland, and an easy solution to go is to increase the frequency of jacking off; it should also be taken notice that too frequent ejaculations can bring tremendous harm for the prostate. Furthermore, the congestive prostatitis is also linked to the weight issues. People with obesity are more likely to become the target of such a condition, and many more yet to name. Therefore, it is of vital importance to keep a healthy and balanced diet aiming to manage one’s weight. Additionally, frequent breaks during the day can be of tremendous help, especially for those who have a desk job. And in the same sense, exercise on a regular basis can help prevent congestion by increasing the speed of blood circulation. It has also been suggested that consumption of certain natural herbs can prove to be very useful in reducing congestion and inflammation. They must be prescribed and evaluated by the professionals before taking in.

Herbal remedy

One of the top choices for those after the herbal remedy is the Nanke Pill from Dr. Ming. It has been proved that Dr. Ming’s pills can effectively cure men’s reproductive diseases like epididymitis, prostatitis, and sperm problem caused by infection. Since it is absolutely natural, such an option comes with no side effects, and therefore no unnecessary concerns. We know that congestive prostatitis can be haunting, painful and a long-term condition, we are equally of confidence that these traditional natural herbal treats would help reduce tremendous pain and the period of suffering if taken as prescribed.

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