Chronic prostatitis treatment guidelines

      To start off, let us first examine what the chronic prostatitis is. Chronic prostatitis, known briefly as CP, is a common condition found in the range of mid-aged men. It might cause severe suffering to the patients, usually lasting for oved decades. There have been a series of relevant researches on the epidemiology, etiology, diagnosis, evaluation and management of CP, but few conclusions have been reached. In the last several decades, research in this field has centered on the generation of a new classification system. As a matter of fact, the term chronic prostatitis should be considered a misnomer since the conditions are not completely confined to the prostatic area; it is highly possible that chronic prostatitis is just symptoms of the clinical syndrome characterized by pain in the perineum, pelvis, or the suprapubic area.

      Then moving off to the treatments of chronic prostatitis. Chronic prostatitis could be divided into three categories, the chronic bacterial prostatitis, the chronic non-bacterial prostatitis, as well as the non-inflammatory chronic pelvic pain syndrome and each has its distinct yet similar treatment approaches. For the chronic bacterial type, a bacterial infection would cause swelling and inflammation of the prostate. If white blood cells are to be found in the urine, which is a sign of inflammation pertaining to infection, antibiotics would be prescribed to get hold of the inflammation. When the bacteria are not present, namely there is no trails of white cells to be found in the urine, doctors would resort to other approaches.

      It has been estimated that about five percent of men have experienced chronic prostatitis at some point in their lives. And many have wondered why some healthy young men would be haunted by the chronic prostatitis at such an early age. Scientists have been working constantly to find more clues as to how to treat it more efficiently. And in brief, the most crucial point is to tell off whether the infection is caused by bacteria or not, and prescriptions would be made based on that.

      Even though different types of chronic prostatitis call for different approaches, but there are still certain approaches in common. For instance, herbal remedies have proved effective in all different types. One of the most endorsed one is the Nanke pill from Dr. Ming’s clinic. It has sold well in all parts of the world, with wide acclaim and a high return of rebuying rate. If you are seeking for some remedies more gentle with less side effects, then this is definitely of your top choices.

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