Chronic prostatitis symptoms

Chronic prostatitis patients with typical symptoms are abnormal urination and local pain discomfort. But because of the long illness of the disease, can cause the patient’s autonomic nervous system symptoms. Chronic prostatitis patients with clinical symptoms are often not specific, so it can be said that any clinical symptoms can not be diagnosed with chronic prostatitis.

  Chronic prostatitis symptoms and diverse, different severity, the light can be no symptoms, severe cases can have suicidal tendencies.

Common symptoms generally have the following aspects:

(1) urination discomfort: urinary frequency, urination, urinary tract burning sensation, pain can be radiated to the penis head, and sometimes urethra may have white secretions (drops of white);

(2) local symptoms: urethra, perineal discomfort, anus bulge discomfort;

(3) pain around the pelvis pain, penis, spermatic cord, testis, lower abdomen, groin area, thigh medial, rectum, anus, etc. can have varying degrees of pain or discomfort;

(4) sexual dysfunction: loss of libido, ejaculation pain, ejaculation too fast, erectile dysfunction, semen quality decline, blood sperm and so on;

(5) mental disorders: anxiety, depression, emotional instability and so on.

  Chronic prostatitis only want to completely cure through drugs is indeed very difficult. Although the vast majority of patients can not be completely cured, but the drug treatment is still necessary.

Treatment should note the following:the prostate itself has a certain role in drug barrier, the general drug is difficult to penetrate into the prostate to play a bactericidal effect. Can penetrate the prostate epithelial lipid capsule of antimicrobial drugs should be alkaline, fat-soluble high drug. And low plasma protein binding rate of drugs, can be a good dispersion to the prostate. The effect of the drug on the cell interstitial effect is better;two or more with the synergistic effect of the drug can be used in conjunction or alternating use;to promote a variety of drugs, large doses, over time limit medication, the initial treatment of patients recommended medication 2 to 3 months, often can get better results, even if not completely cured, but also the degree of recurrence of symptoms and The number of relapses to reduce, reduce the role;

  As the treatment of chronic prostatitis is very difficult, the patient’s own good habits is even more important. Often through many years of perseverance, the symptoms of most patients will be lighter, even close to the standard of healing. First of all, to have a correct understanding of chronic prostatitis, to maintain a good attitude, do not take it as a heavy burden of thought and recurrence of thought;Chronic prostatitis symptoms are extremely complex and diverse. Patients with chronic prostatitis can have one or more symptoms, or they can have no symptoms, that is, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) classification of type IV. And most of the symptoms of chronic prostatitis lack of specificity, but the pelvic floor discomfort or pain is more characteristic. So NIH is still only the pelvic floor discomfort or pain as a diagnosis of type II and Ⅲ type of the necessary conditions, and the symptoms at least for three months. But this standard is still controversial, because there are some patients with no pelvic floor discomfort or pain. The above symptoms, can not simply condemnation, worried about their own suffering from chronic prostatitis and the burden of thinking on the back, but also pay attention to the diagnosis of the need to combine the results of other laboratory tests, if necessary, but also to exclude other diseases, Make the final judgment.

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